The Dome/Cocoon Meditation ~ Healing Programs from the Deep Psyche (IC)


    In this profound meditation, we relax into the delta brainwave state–the deep non-cognitive all-knowing feeling state of the body’s intelligence. In delta, the Inner Child (IC) level presides over a vast network of associations that generates an interpretation of reality, from the inconceivable vastness of the unconscious. The meditation takes you through a process to clear the distortions that act as overlays on reality, causing us to stay small and wounded through being continually triggered into the past.

    The IC/delta level maps out reality in spatial relationships, movement, color, tone, etc, and has access to the full interconnectedness of the grid of our life. It operates in a virtual reality system, where memories are stored as stories with emotional reaction and information from all sensory modalities. Stored with spatial coordinates in our field of vision…in our sensory field, we enter into this virtual reality of the IC when triggered. In truth, the memories are incomplete, distorted, and generalized. They are made up by the child consciousness that lacked the ability to interpret, only saw parts, and perceived from a place of being very small in a very big world . When triggered, the emotional charge of every unresolved event that is in the mind’s files on that general theme gets activated.

    When this level of the psyche is healed, we experience the genius of all-knowing and move elements of our reality from below consciousness. The result is magic. This meditation can be repeated often for deepened clearing.

    40-minute meditation

    Light art by Phoebe Surana,