Symbols of the Dream and Life’s Messages

As a dream symbol, the bee represents cooperation with destiny; dragonflies symbolize fertility; hummingbirds mean increased resources through timelessness; butterflies bring a spiritual gift…a gift of grace.

The Bee Story…

Several years ago, before I met Ciara, she had an experience with bees. While dozing on her bedroom floor with the window open, a bee attempted to get her attention by persistently tapping at her Crown until she finally woke up. When she opened her eyes she saw that her window was completely covered in a swarm of bees. She communicated to the bee at her head, asking what it wanted. The bee conveyed “We operate in consolidated purpose, you must know.” She told me this story when we realized early in our collaboration that both had been on a quest for higher hormones.  For my part, I was led to the 8 extraordinary meridians and the study of acupuncture, and for hers, Ciara had been looking at how to get trace gold in the body. The closest substance she’d found to gold was pure honey.  So I shared with her that when the inner family is in full harmonious cooperation, the configuration of the inner family shifts and in the middle is the place of ‘consolidated purpose’, through which the Infinite moves our reality (from the teachings of Almine, Lemurian Science of Peace, www.spiritualjourneys).

Furthermore, bees are from the future and they hold the highest evolution of mind that pristine man can attain to (from Rudolf Steiner).  Steiner has expressed that bees operate as one mind/heart, and that were bees to become extinct on the planet, the potential for humanity would be lost. Almine has received a ceremony for the bees, with the importance of the bees to nature (See Almine’s Book of Star Transmissions, The connection of bees to trace gold that is needed to produce the higher hormones of self-sovereignty is clear, and the message was confirming in yet another way, that the fully expressive and integrated inner family is key.

The Dragonfly Story…

I may have the dates wrong, but I believe in 2013 Almine received 7 tones of Fertility at one of the retreats. One of the light family saw 8 dragonflies outside her hotel window, and she relayed this to Almine. Almine replied, “Oh, so I am missing a tone of fertility, then…there must be 8”. Only later did Almine realize these tones pertained to powers of the 8 extraordinary meridians.  Fertility comes through the full expression of the deep feminine sub-personalities (i.e. Inner Babe and Wild Woman), and relates to the field of godhood. The 8 EMs are in fact the meridians of godhood or oneness.

Nothing in creation exists that did not emerge from the fertility of the eight extraordinary and miraculous flows of Source. If nothing else, living from the activated EMs in full radiant power will change everything.  This is why we recognize the sub-personalities as the ‘holy grail’…because through them, we cooperate directly and intimately with these powers of the Infinite.


Timelessness is the result of the permeating presence of the Inner Child sub-personality who ‘sees with new eyes’, with eyes of innocence, causing the 13th goddess archetype to come into expression. And from the alchemy of the 13 goddesses, we get the leveraging that activates the High Mind into place, and opens the portal of the High Heart. We are then able to step out of the mirrored reality and into the reality of integrated oneness, with inner and outer realities merged.

We included these in acknowledgment of the spiritual gifts and gifts of grace we receive in abundance, from the Infinite pouring through our beloved Almine. May we always find the passion of devotion to take up this work diligently and joyfully, and be in the flow of never-ending inspiration…”soaring upon the high winds of infinity with the lighthearted wings of a butterfly“. (Rune 7-1)

A Note from Almine on symbols in terms of the meridians of the body:

On Flowers…
Flowers and floral oils promote proper fluid distribution, but also the proper flow of “chi”, or life-force along the meridians. They help restore innocence and promote joy.  The flower images on the page are Almine’s meridian light elixirs for the 8 extraordinary meridians.

On Birds…
Song-birds help purify the frequencies of the day. Bird-song changes every two hours, as planetary frequencies change. Their migratory routes keep planetary meridians flowing with energy.

(Anita’s note: this is captured in the Bird Clock)

On Bees…
The humming of bees, is a sound-healing tool for dissolving blockages in the meridians. By helping to restore proper functioning, they minimize distorted emotions.