Ready to take on the Grand Adventure into Boundlessness?

You are invited to join for daily exploration of living from the stages of evolved consciousness, in alignment with the cosmic pulse of evolution.  The inspiration for the exploration comes from the many teachings and alchemical tools we’ve received through the work of the great Seer Almine ( Her body of work is enormous, and I am dedicated to its embodiment as we evolve the body into the vehicle of manifesting divine Intent.

The big focus going forward is on Manifesting in the New Reality. So much has changed and Law of Attraction teachings need to be upgraded in fundamental ways to sync up to what in new in the cosmos. They have become fundamentally obsolete, and the new brings such lightness to our steps and delight to our hearts that life is changing completely. We are leaving polarity behind and may access a new source of energy I have referred to as the great Dance of the Yin and Yang.  Our bodies are evolving at a rapid rate, and understanding the emerging powers is very fulfilling!

The General Offering

You receive a daily focus with key information on relevant aspects of cosmic themes or systems to evolve in the body, all with the focus on understanding how to manifest a ‘real’ environment to support the emergence of your boundless potential Self.  There are also resources to explore, as well as periodic video or audio to deepen into what we explore so that it becomes embodied and lived experience. In addition to this, you will be invited to live interactive calls where we will utilize alchemical tools or do a meditation to support themes being explored.

The big themes of focus include:

  • Living from the evolved perspectives / powers of the 5 Elements that put an end to polarity and the law of compensation.
  • Living from the fully expressive Inner Family of sub-personalities so we are fully home for ourselves–self-sufficient and self-referencing for approval
  • Living the higher powers of the 12 ordinary meridians through which our reality is manifested — these are incredible powers for practical everyday living
  • Activation of the 8 extraordinary meridians of cause that flow to us limitless resources — syncing with these and you become your own source of sustenance
  • Activating the higher function of the chakra system — these attune you to a whole other reality and life beyond opposition
  • Dissolving the Mirrors of the fields of existence
  • Infusing life with soul by living the Qualities and Powers of the 13 Goddess Archetypes
  • Understanding the power of the Runes and other divination systems given to us by Almine
  • The path to High Alchemy manifestation
  • Understanding the false reality we have been in, and how to transition into a New Reality that is incorruptible
  • Awakening from the dream, and more

This platform is cultivated as a sacred space for accelerated awakening, and all members are supported through this. We also have a private Facebook group for members, where further discussion and connection occurs, and where you can receive support from your fellow participants on this journey. Details on each level can be found below.

I just love your writings….so clear and so inspiring.  It is bringing greater clarity every day, and now especially with the focus on meridians, another layer of depth. I am floored with how you are making them come alive in a new way!! Lynne Smith, Ontario
Thanks so much Anita – I always wonder how you come up with your posts that you do, every day – I am so happy that I get to read them 💕, Denise Muller, South Africa
Every daily post on AiB, the calls and all the extras you give us makes this journey to who we are, so much easier and inspiring to follow….I wouldn’t want to miss it for the (“New Reality”) world 🥰❣, Jannie Legez, Holland
I wish to share that, in following your work, I am finally putting together all the pieces of the huge puzzle of teachings and information coming from Almine during so many years. I have never considered myself a metaphysician, but I have kept going because – at the same time – I felt very attracted by A’s information. Now I start to feel more comfortable in exploring the maze of alchemy and the connections that link all the parts of the puzzle, and in acknowledging the Paradox. And my Inner Child feels finally recognized in her power and innocence. Devapriya, Italy

The Platform

Level 1 (the only offering presently) is the entry-level offering that is designed to assist you with most deeply embodying the qualities to express a self-sovereign environment (life in physicality). The translates to the ability to powerfully “get our life in order” to lay the foundation for exponential flourishing in a reality beyond opposites! Though the information is accessible to most, it is very profound and deeply impactful…

What’s included?

Daily Focus & Support Messages – in written format, with occasional videos, and with daily Rune support and Fragrance Alchemy protocols as relevant
Resource Library extensive resource library on pertinent background study material to assist you with living the daily focus as deeply as possible
Occasional Live Calls – where we explore the alchemical tools in an informal setting where you may ask all your question.
Meditations: certain meditations will be posted on occasion, as they relate to the themes we are studying. Some will be done live.
Access to a Private Facebook Group –  for deeper discussion, support and connection with your light family within a securely held container
The Ability to Ask Questions – post your questions either in the Facebook group or by commenting on the  daily updates on the site to enable us to best support you on your evolutionary journey

Discounts For Members

  • Fragrance Alchemy: All members receive 15% off on FA oils and kits
  • AiB Products and Training Programs:  Members receive 15% off all products and programs offered.
  • Private Sessions with me: Members receive 25% off on private sessions with me. I highly recommend private sessions as a means to really ‘land’ all the material. Profound shifts are made in session work!
  • One month Free Membership to the Rune Mastery Environment! Free month kicks in on your 2nd month with AiB.If you have it, you can get a free month to the Bird Clock, the Qi Vesta, or the Divinity Quest apps.

Cost – $50 USD per month

Sign up by clicking the link below. This is a monthly membership product, and will auto-renew every month on the same date unless you cancel it, which of course you can do at any time.

Level 1 Recurring Monthly Membership – $50 USD



If you wish to sign up for one month only (not-recurring), you can do so using the following link. Cost for one month is $75


Note: 10% of earnings from this venture go directly to the great Seer Almine, who has been my greatest inspiration on this journey.

This work is inspired by the teachings of Mystic and Seer, Almine. The Sub-personalities, Cosmic Time Map, Runes, and Fragrance Alchemy are the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys LLC,