At the recent December 2017 retreat, Almine shared how beyond the reality of the known, the unknown, and the unknowable, lies the unfathomable–the state of mastery that takes us into being the living paradox.  In order to accustom to this state and become masters of the unfathomable, she has suggested that we start a daily practice of writing Unfathomable Poetry, which takes us to where the mind cannot follow.

There have many forms of poetry suggested as we evolved through the stages of godhood and resurrection.  Almine gave us examples of each of the various forms of poetry, from general, magical, alchemical to unfathomable poetry:

‘Ordinary’ poetry…
A bright red balloon
A little girl walking along
A happy surprise against a pale blue sky

Magical poetry takes the large and puts it into the small (macro into microcosm)…
A little girl skipping happily down the road
Holding the cosmos in a bright red balloon

Alchemical poetry takes the small and recognizes its impact on the large (as below, so also above)…
A grey whale turns over in the ocean
Turning day into the night

Unfathomable poetry defies the mind…
A little girl skipping happily down the road
Holding the cosmos in a bright red balloon that never existed


In the lines between the known and the unknown lies the unfathomable.” Almine

If you would like to see what some participants wrote and are happy to share with you, sign up to gain access to the free page on Mastering the Unfathomable.

As Masters of the Unfathomable we enter into the  Incorruptible White Light, where no movement nor time nor space exist. This reality is not comprehensible to the mind–only to the Essential Mind that is decentralized and operates from whole-senses, whole-body ‘awaring‘.  In developing Essential Mind, Almine guided us in connecting, essence to essence, with all life. When we reach to depth, in all things we will find the Self, as there is only the One Life. In our slice of Infinite Existence, we find the One Life as the Self, in the ‘essential plane’. At this place of self-essence, we are self-sustained, and through deepening presence we bring online the larger body of the Self, which is All That Is.

Almine suggested we begin a daily practice of writing unfathomable poetry, to allow our perspective to embrace being the living paradox that cannot be comprehended.

Below are what some participants produced at the retreat and willingly share with you…

We invite everyone to explore this form of poetry, and to submit your verses to us and we will add it to the page. To submit something, send it to, with the title: Unfathomable Poetry Submission. I will normally post it the same day. 


Daisies hold hands
A Halo above the Inner Babe
Joy spills from their laughter
Eternal wonderment celebrates
It’s own birth



A Chant

Do feathers fly the bird?
Do the waves still the ocean?
Am I the one I’ve loved all along?
That I am…the one I’ve loved all along…

Robin R.


and you, and you, and you

Tim Holt


Soft and Sweet

Awash in a sea of rubies
A lonely diamond speaks of existentialism to a black hole
Nothing exists
Not even a whisper of a song you thought you knew

S.P.C Euler


The beauty nature beholds
gets not old
Brave blade of grass
smiling standing tall
welcomes all


Lush winds blow
Upon the petals of the storm
I embrace the red deliciousness of eternity…
Upon the ship’s cruise
I sail on the sublime
Brown flavors of orange time
Succulent energies to be mine..
Through the eyes of the trees
The ocean breeze tickles me
As I lie upon the wind
Surfing the land
Adorned pink feathers
Become the fingers of my hand…
Whispers of her hair
Create sparkles in the air
With oceans of love
Between the rhythms of below and above…


Singender Vogel, in Stille verweilend.
Lauschend den Wellen, neue Tore sich öffnen.
Schwarze Tränen der Nacht, tanzend im sanften Sonnenlicht, flüchtig der Moment, niemals und immer gewesen.
Singing bird, resting in silence.
Listening to the waves, new doors opening.
Black teardrops of the night, dancing in the sunlight, fleeting the moment, never and always existed.
Waves roll in as ocean’s yearning to penetrate the mystery of its being me.
Swallowed up, I slip away as mist…
Fulfilled only in the receding horizon never reached.

White feather’s face
Beauty’s pillow
Essence Divine
Beyond all whispers
Flourishing finds
Floating recognition, its hold, undone
White whispers, it whispers, no words levity finds
Fleeting eternity, thus its scriptures undefined
Heavier and lighter, flights hope holds no plight
Yet ne’er a word was uttered
For none existed
All out of sight
P. Y.

Essential Director’s Cut

Type written words and characters sought
from a line, a squiggle, a curl, and a dot

Brought to page by language not silent,
but unhearable

Appear words unseen,
but not invisible:

Inestimable Presence
Unedited and Unwritable Terrain
Ungatherable Strength and Power

The Unfathomable Essential Current or,
The Cosmic Directors’ Cut,

of the line, the squiggle, the curl, and the dot



An ancient voice I hear, me whispering
Eons of timelessness
On the cutting edge of now