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Adventures in Boundlessness is a membership platform that provides guidance and glimpses into a new reality emerging on the horizon that is the cutting-edge of evolutionary possibility.

Through higher perception and purity of Heart that evolves the body, a new reality beyond polarity and the law of compensation is revealed. This platform offers resources in support of re-orientation and re-alignment as a cultivated practice, that is required to establish in the new.

Explore with me…

  • Steep in these potentials through daily messages that act as prompts to support you to show up in new ways through perspective and attitude–showing up anew changes your reality from static to fluid.
  • Enjoy powerful meditations to clear the obsolete and reach for the new, through extensive resources materials and messages.
  • Learn best practices to ** liberate from your emotional traps and trigger **activate feel good hormones ** come home to your inner parts of the psyche (Inner Family) and unleash creative genius
  • Explore more deeply the powers of the miraculous body that is emerging as a vehicle to manifest a higher reality, through the many resources you will have access to. Messages are typically done in series, focused on a theme, eg. the goddess archetypes, the higher function of the chakras, the extraordinary meridians of cause, the ascension attitudes, the principles of Hope, gemstone alchemy, etc.
  • Reach out via email if you need guidance.

We stand at the door or a anew reality where growth is no longer through opposition but rather through inspiration, where change is no longer forced by the hard knocks, but rather nudged by alchemical possibilities in a universe of pure benevolence. And yet, we must be able to hear true inspiration from within, rather than conjure from the small self a drive to find purpose that preempts the divine whispers. Hearing inner guidance comes by slowing down life, and activating the spaces of deep creativity only found in inner space.

Join us on a profound journey that can unleash the greatness and genius within you that will support the emergence of a new world.

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The Bird Clock ~ A Most Potent Tool of High Magic Manifestation and Leveraged Body Evolution

Learn to utilize the Bird Clock –a power of High Magic & Leveraged Evolution

Powers To Cultivate in the New Reality….

Through slowing down the pace of life and cultivating perspectives that defy the noisy rational mind, five levels of deeper cognitive mind can emerge, which bring clarity from a much deeper reality, and the ability to tap into genius.

Through stilling obsolete desires of the needy Heart, and activating the true desires of our Essential Self emerging from the self-fulfilled Heart, you move creation as you live a higher order of life–becoming the pivot point of reality…life comes to you rather you chasing after it…

Through activating one of 12 archetypal powers of the body’s meridians each day, you shine a ‘North Star’ that guides you along a powerful path of mastery and manifestation–engaging the paths of highest emerging potentials where life no longer has boundaries and you experience your boundlessness…

Through deep alignment in the 3 powerful centers of the body (Head, Heart, and Gut), you create a self-chosen ‘space of alchemy’  or ‘playground of possibilities, in which to manifest your chosen reality shaped by dreams that have been incubating in you for ages… and in the process, you become a conduit of higher evolutionary possibilities and generativity in the world.

3-centers alignment is inner coherence with is also outer synchronization–your body becomes an amplifier of divine intent as well as a receptive device for the gifts that life, as your co-creational partner flows to you in support. In effect, nothing really moves….it unfolds through you, like an ever-blossoming flower of great beauty.

And it’s not a trick of self-hypnosis, rather it’s tool of self-awareness, filling out in self-responsibility and devotion to your greater potential that is your environment. You are not trying to ‘get’ from life nor are you fixated on specific outcomes; rather you are unfolding a life of beauty and potency as you tend to refining perception and perspective (Head), attitude and emanations (Heart), and engagement in the ‘real’ and greater receptiveness (Gut).  As all three move into coherence, the body opens to the Greater Self … as life itself.

Why join?

Maybe you’ve experienced some of the following:

  • You have done healing and there always seems to be more layers to peel away. That’s because most emotional healing takes you around in circles rather than on an upward spiral…
  • You are seeking liberation from a world you find little resonance with. Is this what life is about…What’s wrong with me?   The answer is not in secluding yourself or trying to fit in…or medicating / distraction to cope–it lies in creating your own self-sovereign world…
  • What used to fulfill you no longer does, and you are yearning for greater depth of living. That’s because it’s the evolutionary imperative at this time, and adjusting to it will point you in the new direction opened up.
  • You have been looking for ‘purpose’ to give life meaning, and it hasn’t satisfied. Purpose is over-rated and it can undermine the emerging of True Self. When you are open to life ever new, purpose becomes  the fulfillment of the moment through you…which leads to the next, and the next. It is not a destination to be reached…And the amazing part is that you then partner with the greatest power in the Universe, that is, Source.
  • You feel stirring in you, new expression that does not easily fit into any current paradigm. You wish to awaken to empowered living…to have arise your own truth and wisdom that you know lies within.  Allowing that uniqueness in you to have voice is how you become self-sovereign…seeing how supported you are in life will encourage and open you to a whole new world.
  • You are eager to learn to manifest a reality of your choosing that syncs up with the new that you feel emerging…You are at the right place at the right time

Know Thy Body to Know Thyself…To Manifest Anew! 

We have to generate new substance from the body in order to interact with a new reality. The body’s state, the hormones produced, the content and integrity of the auric fields, and so on, determine the reality that you attune to and dwell in.   On the Adventures in Boundlessness platform, the daily blog is geared to exploring the way the body functions and how we activated it to higher functioning. Essentially flips around.

For example, if you wish for wealth, you have to be a generative presence in cooperation with Source, you give into your environment in order to receive greater still so that the dynamo of ever greaterness of whatever you are involved in, kicks in.   Heaven and Hell are perspectives that are reinforced by attitude and will (Head, Heart, and Gut), yet perspective, attitude, and will translate into tangible substance (like neutrinos, hormonal secretions, flow of luminous tone rather than electro-magnetic waves), and so on).  They alter the outer sense organs, such that we see, hear, taste, smell, etc, a reality emerging, rather than the reality of yesterday that may linger as ghostly impressions.

Each ‘system’–joints, chakras, meridians, extraordinary meridians, muscles, brain center, inner family, dantien centers, organs and glands, has intelligence that causes profound coherence and harmony within the whole. So nothing is new…everything is repeated fractal patterns expressed through distinct lenses. We are a ‘repository of perspectives’ or lenses, and establishing the alchemy in each system will allow the body to kick into gear at a higher order of expression. It’s like learning to drive a car–at first it may be daunting or awkward for some, whereas others are chomping at the bit to get to new freedom that driving will give them…But for all, once you learn how it become automatic. When we study the body systems and live them, we become masters of the autonomic nervous system that becomes a unified field of higher consciousness–entraining the body systems to higher expression, and finding that in fact, we can create our heaven on earth.

Who Am I?

My name is Anita Lucia, and I have been steeped in the metaphysics of the body for 30 years, in search of liberation from a mind and heart-numbing reality for which I could not see a way out.  Through following the trail of this quest that led me to train in many energy modalities and obtain a diploma in acupuncture to better understand the meridian system that I knew was key, I finally found a teacher beyond compare (seer and mystic, Almine), with answers beyond what I even knew to ask.

And now, with great enthusiasm and devotion, I am developing the platform to share these amazing secrets of body evolution and manifestation outside of the law of polarity (me/you, me/ Source, good / bad, desirable / undesirable, etc), where energy is generated by the tension between the poles,  and the law of compensation (more of one thing is less of another) that rules life in a bounded space.  This takes us to a reality of perpetual generativity, where me / you are one, you and Source are indivisible, and all life experiences can be mined for gems because, in truth, life unfolds in flawless perfection.

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The materials can be engaged with to varying levels of depth, and if you’re not sure this is for you, feel free to reach out via email.  I have developed many products that can support emotional healing and simple alignment of the 3 body centers, that can profoundly shift perspective to live from boundlessness.  If  you are looking for the cutting edge of evolving consciousness, please sign up!

We are at very intense times of change on the planet, and there is tremendous support. Establishing in what is unfolding in this great time of Awakening will support graceful change and exciting growth. In status quo, we will follow and experience the dying away of the old, whereas in pro-active engagement of what is possible, we open to higher  possibilities:

  • New expression that is deeply harmonious and cooperative with all life, such that the entire universe becomes supportive of your emerging uniqueness. (Head power)
  • Your presence as a catalyst of higher potential that can neutralize illusion and density around you. (Heart power)
  • Becoming your own source of sustenance, incidentally to living with greater awakened mastery…establishing the self-sustaining eco-system of the true Potential Self…(Gut or Body power)
  • A life of magic in a playground of endless possibilities. It is finally here and we have the tools and understanding on how to coax the body to its next levels of power! 

On this platform, I share insights and alchemical support tools for our time. From 30 years of deep exploration, and 20 years as a healer, I offer a unique blend of practical application and catalytic depth. This is rock solid metaphysics presented with the purpose of full embodiment of what is possible. If it’s not embodied, it cannot ‘grow corn’.  Well this produces much more than corn, as we are rebirthing into a higher order!

Join a growing community of those eager for true change, on the grand adventure of discovering the new purpose of life and how to live from fullness within.  Click the Join button to take the plunge into the deep elements of evolutionary change.

Also when you join you get discounts off sessions, products on the AiB store, and Fragrance Alchemy.

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Themes of Exploration

(This section is under construction)

Through my deep exploration over decades, inspired by the peerless work of the great mystic and Seer Almine, I share how to awaken the miraculous powers of the body as a vehicle of manifestation of a new reality.  The deeper context of the daily messages comes from the commitment to align with the full potential of the emerging miraculous body, because manifesting a new reality requires that the body become the vehicle to change all reality. That happens through complete surrender and harmony to the powers seeking to emerge.

The main exploration is deepening the 3 main hubs of information in the body, and freeing them from the programmed existence. A major part of this is the process of true emotional alchemy, that liberates us from the binds that we create when we generate lower emotions without alchemizing them to higher.

Some of the themes explored through this platform or products offered on this website are listed below. All fall under the umbrella of manifesting anew, beyond the obsolete laws of polarity and compensation.  If you want to read more on that, go to this page (under construction).

  • How to activate the Feel Good Hormones through closing the gaps of illusion and taking up the ultimate mission: Enjoyment of Life through Self-Fulfillment!
  • Becoming Templates for New Depth of Being through Emotional Alchemy 
  • Sourcing in Deep Creativity–the Limitless Capacity of Inner Senses flowing into Awakened Outer Senses
  • Becoming a Conduit of New Possibility for Evolution by living from three realities simultaneously ~ The 3 Centers Alignment
  • Opening to your environment as your Greater Self ~ 4th Point of Transcendence that activates the new reality
  • Becoming our own ‘currency’ and source of self-sustenance in life ~ Activating the 5 Elements
  • Becoming the Womb of Divine Intent for the Birth of a New Reality ~ The 12 Meridians and their Archetypes for the New Reality!
  • Coming Home to the Self ~ The Inner Family / Inner Psyche ~ Becoming your own self-support! 
  • Tools of Divine Guidance and Manifestation ~ The Runes of the Mother, Qi Vesta–Breath of the Divine, Divinity Quest
  • The Goddess Archetypes – Manifesting from Inner Space

I share this through writing, audio talks, online programs that are part self-study, part remote activation and meditation audios and alchemical videos. All these themes are presented in the membership resources to varying depths.

Alchemical tools are the original work of the great mystic and seer, Almine, www.spiritualjourneys.com

Interested but not quite the right fit?

(This section is under construction.)

Each being is on a path of awakening that unfolds in flawless perfection. If the monthly platform does not quite fit, then I suggest the following to start with:

  • Explore the free pages on the website to see what moves you most. (Free access being set up)
  • Consider the 3-centers alignment audios and other single-audio meditations on the AiB Shop.
  • Consider the Emotional Alchemy program on the AiB Shop. This is a great place to start no matter where you are in your awakening. It is life-changing for all levels. Also recommended for coaches and healing practitioners!  (Note, product to come)
  • Book a private session with me to start clearing the patterns around what you have been burdened by, or just to get into a next level of flow  in your life.
  • Stay tuned for a new membership level that is the casual one to learn simple best practices ways to enliven and move from “life as duty to life as beauty“!

And join the mailing list to the Miraculous Life Newsletter.

Sister Websites…

Deep Dive into the Metaphysics of Manifesting in the New Reality

A new website is launching September 2023, the Academy of Alchemy, which will offer many self-study and live programs ‘at the cutting edge’, as well as others that are introductory or foundational to the deeper studies. The website is intended to provide a comprehensive resource and platform to study the Seer Almine’s materials and apply it in very practical ways to create a life in resonance with the true authentic self.  It will lead participants into living as proxy for all life, as the High Alchemists on Earth that usher in the New Reality and true Dream of the Infinite.  The Academy shop has many products alchemically activated by the Seer, including gemstones that are here to assist accelerated awakening and the holding of higher vibrational spaces on the planet.

In contrast, the AiB site, in contrast, is mainly a membership platform for the daily blog that covers topics at the cutting edge of what is possible. It has many resources to explore at your own pace.


Daily Healing Support

If you are looking for on-going healing support for physical challenges, or emotional/mental distress, past trauma, etc, then please visit WholeBeingFlourishing, and join the 3 month gentle clearing program. You can follow up with the next 3 months ‘deeper purification and activation’.

The programs blend daily angelic healing activations and other support via entrainment, a weekly remote healing session, weekly page of materials to work with, including meditation and exercises, and access to me and another healer via email.

There’s also the flagship program on Whole Being Flourishing that includes daily and weekly activations. and weekly materials to stay in sync with what is possible…