The Bird Clock Part 1 ~ A Most Potent Tool of High Magic Manifestation and Leveraged Body Evolution

    Learn to utilize the Bird Clock –a power of High Magic & Leveraged Evolution

    The Bird Clock is the original work of  Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,  (

    This program brings the deeper mysteries of the Bird Clock of High Magic! This tool is the most powerful one that the great Seer Almine has received, to establish the body in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness, unify the meridian system, awaken presence of the greater Self on all Fields of Existence, establish ourselves in a reality unbounded by the speed light, become cause of everything, and activate the Tones of the Holy Alphabet of the New Creation.  The Bird Clock gives us the power to cooperate with Infinite Intent directly–a most “formidable power” as Almine has expressed. It is the quintessential tool for our time, that changes the spacetime fabric of our reality. and causes us to manifest our lives in self-sovereignty and as archetypal force for higher life.

    It is a tool to produce the higher hormones of androgyny, known as ‘pheromones’, which evolve the body and the environment in tandem.  Through the training, we will dive into the mysteries of the New Reality arising, and become your own source of sustenance, no longer needy of things external. Through the High Alchemy and Magic the magical Bird Clock orchestrates communication across all levels of reality, through self-communication across your wholeness.


    **PLEASE NOTE: The next live program is tentatively scheduled to begin October/November 2021.

    The Bird Clock appears on the picture of the bird, both are  copyrighted, LLC Spiritual Journeys. The Bird image is one of the cards by Almine. 
    Cards are separate, though a card process is given in the program, as well as use of the Bird Clock App, the light elixir cards are a separate purchase from the Russian store: Mudrost Almine – The Seer Almine


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