Private Sessions with Anita…Discovering Yourself Anew…entering the New Reality

Can I help you?

Are you looking for shifts out of stuck places, and release of emotional baggage, and radically new perspective?  Are you looking for deeper understanding on how to shift gears into a higher reality? Are you wanting to cut ties with old energies, and move into a completely new version of you?

What I offer…

I assist clients in clearing out emotional toxicity and obsolete energies, and come into alignment with their greatest potentials.  Through establishing inner coherence through profound self-reclamation, a natural synchronization with life occurs.

My proprietary methodology covers the transmutation of stuck trauma and emotions by giving space for the true desires  of suppressed parts, and then recognition of our powerful gifts through self-reclamation. It is a four phase process of depth work that illuminates the inner psyche and allows you to presence the places that before were impacting subliminally.  The result is radical newness and self-invention through a return to wholeness. Beyond that, lies the exploration of a reality of our dreams made manifest.

One-on-one sessions (on the zoom platform) can be booked singly or as a package.  Working with issues in your life, Any issue or challenge (health, emotional, relationship, and  life crisis) holds within it resolution that is the arising of new potential taken up by showing up anew. Problems only appear so from limited perspective.  Broaden the perspective, see behind appearances, and show up anew, and everything shifts.

  • The sessions are deeply transformative and ‘activating’.
  • Sessions are about 90 minutes–covering a lot of ground in little time.
  • Clients get audio meditations to work with after the session, to integrate deeply and keep the momentum going.

Options for Sessions

I work with individuals seeking relief, healing and awakening. Commitment to change and do what it takes is key. Private sessions are best for this.


And I also very much love to work with highly motivated people that live on the cutting edge of what is possible. What I have to share is completely unique and  deeply evolutionary. The techniques and teachings have rock solid metaphysics as underpinning, and the alchemical tools will take you where you can’t possibly go without them! 


Intensive ~ 3 months of private sessions and support

This is the best option as you will learn to awaken latent body powers in you, and have technique to release and move out of stuck places and into the magical sweet spot of magical manifestation.  This option includes weekly remote activations, activation of the Embodied Harmonics Tool (EHS), audio and video meditations, the Divinity Quest app with training, a Rune session each month, and access to many resources after completion.  Also includes 2 follow-up sessions in month 3 and 4. This is the “learn to fish” option that will carry you through the rest of your miraculous life!

If this interests you, send me an email and we can see if it’s a fit!

Single Sessions

First Session (90 mins) exploring and supporting deep shifts with any issue or area of life

Includes call recording, audio meditations based on what may best support, and a short remote Belvaspata session done daily for 7 days after to support integration ~ US$175.

Subsequent sessions are US$150. Option only for extra sessions after the first one.

Single Session (90 mins) with a Divination System –  Runes of the Infinite Mother or the Qi-Vesta – Breath of Source

How Does a Private Rune Reading or Qi Vesta session work? First we explore the issue you are seeking clarity and shifting around. We then do the appropriate spread in the Rune Mastery Environment (online app), and you are led to deeply integrate their messages and powers.

The qualities of the runes not only work to shift the issue within you, but also speak to your  environment. So a rune that represents a principle that is desirable to express in order to clear old issues, can also send a reverse communication to your environment, eliciting support from the universe, for things to morph. The runes are an incredible power that work in ways beyond what the mind can grasp. Using the runes in specific spreads directs their power into a focused intention.

The Qi-Vesta Hakulit works to bring clarity and manifest life at a higher order, through clearing the path on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Done on a situation, great depth and illumination will take place. This session takes about 2 hours, and is very profound, with meditation and exploration.

Call recording, audio meditations based on what may best support, rune integration to work with after the session, and a short remote Belvaspata session done daily for 7 days after to support integration ~ $175 USD

Package of Sessions

Package of 3 sessions, attunement to the EHS session (Embodied Harmonics Symbol) with EHS audios, audio meditations, and four weekly 30-min remote healing sessions with audio meditation and rune support ~ $825

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Training Programs

I offer practitioner training in the modalities listed below.  Go to the Training Page for more details. And feel free to email me directly to discuss further:

Belvaspata Healing with the Angels ~ This is a powerful healing modality received by the Seer Almine, that works with light (perception) and frequency (emotions). Light creates the infrastructure for your reality to emerge within, and frequency shapes the things that show up in your reality.  The modality clears distortions in these components or building blocks of life so that you can manifest from true self essence through fluid light and frequency that cannot be separated or manipulated. Clears trauma, programming, stuck and frozen parts, physical, soul, and spirit karma. Works on the chakras, meridians, and all body systems at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  In person training or live online. Mentoring, initiations to Levels 1, 2, Master and Grand Master.

Runes of the Infinite Mother ~ This is a powerful system of guidance and manifestation that supports people at all levels of evolving consciousness. It operates on 12 dimensions that contain our wholeness.  Each dimension has a tool or lens through which life is interpreted and expressed, and when all ‘lenses’ are purified and expressing well, you step into full power of becoming the central expresser of your reality. Can be used for so many types of support sessions for clients seeking guidance, deep clearing, and alchemical support to manifest grace in areas of their lives. I offer Master and Grand Master training and initiations.

Emotional Alchemy ~ This is a new offering that starts March 2020. Emotional Alchemy was revealed to me over the past 18 months, and estalblishes full grasp of the power and purspose of emotion in manifesting our Heart’s desires and from true self essence.  It is a breakthrough methodology that is not know or taught anywhere else.   For practitioners–healers, energy workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc, understanding the 4 levels of emotional expression is a game-changer.  Certification in this unique modality will eventually be offered.

Qi Vesta ~ Divinity Quest ~ The Bird Clock ~ to come


About Anita…

I am a spiritual counselor, mystic/metaphysician, healer, and creator of unique methods of emotional alchemy, 3-centers alignment, and activating the 5 elements of wholeness.

The best way to describe my work is that I am a consciousness catalyst, devoted to the cutting edge of what is possible, with special focus on awakening the centers of the body to be able to manifest a powerful life through deep presence.

My work brings liberation and freedom to clients, leading to emancipation from the dream of separation and limitation, and into a life of boundlessness….beyond conditions and belief systems.

I’ve been exploring the mysteries of the body, and how to transcend the world of duality since early 2000’s. The methods and activations that I bring into sessions work on all levels to clear distortion and reveal the inherent perfection–which is what true healing is.

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What clients are saying…


Anita’s work is powerful, magical and life changing….The shifts I experience are profound and pure joy!…Her ability to shift your life into a new reality is pure magic! You will fall in love with your life!
I am forever grateful for you dear Anita!
Much love, Caprice, USA
“I can’t thank you enough for seeing me so soon. It is amazing how you can shed light on a situation that seems so complicated and clouded. I am so grateful for your everyday presence in my life. You are with me always, through your meditations and all the wise messages and direction you have offered me through the years. I know I have been a willing student but to have such a wise and loving guide has been such a tremendous gift in my life.” Love, Jane Perkins Love BA, BEd, MEd, CCC, Compass Point Counselling, NB


“I had an incredibly transformative session with Anita today where she led me deeply through the ‘5-elements’ as essences. (metal, earth, fire, water and wood). I had been feeling a little off and she could sense this in me. I could feel myself changing with each element she guided me through, with new perspectives and awarenesses. One thing that kept evolving was the depth of connection I have with the Infinite as each element brought new feelings and knowing within me. By the end of the session I knew my next step, and the next, and the next. My body felt that it was so full and expanded and at the edge of where I could go….and then it blew my mind as my body needed to expand more, it cracked open so that I could expand to another level! I could not believe how powerful the 5-elements are. Truly a life changer. I want to deeply embody these 5-elements within me, as I feel that when working with clients with these, they will bring them to life-altering change on many levels, as it did me. Thank you so much Anita.” Lynne Smith


Your materials are majestic. I thank you for the incredible journey so far, and I would love to continue growing with your guidance.  Lex, USA


Hi Anita, I feel so much has changed so quickly since our session, that it is mind boggling that it was less than a week ago!
After our session, I had a spontaneous detox which began in the early morning on Wednesday and lasted all day. That night I had a friend from out of town performing stand-up and right before I was about to leave, I took note that the spontaneous ‘illness’ was practically gone. I spent time aligning my three centers before I went out for the evening. When I got to the show, I saw person with whom I had had an explosive and divisive end to our friendship 10 years ago. He was not making eye contact and seemed very uncomfortable from across the room. I recognized very quickly that I felt no fear or anxiety…only hope and perfection unfolding. I walked right up to him and in profound innocence, just said hi and asked how he was. He seemed completely taken aback. I asked to hug him and I felt him soften. We then had a very lovely conversation wherein his eyes filled with tears and awe of how all was unfolding. I could tell he wanted to talk about what had occurred between us and I said “As far as I am concerned about what happened between us, there is nothing to forgive.” We were able after that to express what we had felt about each other but did not show in the midst of past drama. It felt like the memories of that past experience evaporated and we both felt peace.
This was so unsusual, because that situation is something that would’ve shut me down completely previously. I may have even cancelled because I would have been terrified of confrontation or being uncomfortable so the fact that i did not feel anxiety or fear is amazing!
Since this experience, I have had a few occasions of purging negative emotions and also detox symptoms. I also had two different dreams since the session, where it felt as if I was my own underworld where it was also like a purging of past people and places. Yesterday, I felt like I tapped into a greater depth of hope and safety than I have ever felt in this life.
Deepest love, respect, and adoration! Love, Em, USA