Fragrance Alchemy are alchemically enhanced, beautiful healing oils that work on so many levels. They are developed be the great mystic and seer, Almine, and are unparalleled in healing power.

They are in a class of their own, and not to be confused with essential oils. The alchemical oils have angels associated with them, that are tasked with specific functions to clear layers of programs, density, trauma, etc, and to evolve the bodies higher faculties in order to become a vehicle of manifestation through High Alchemy.

I have created a website dedicated to them–please visit the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, where you will find blog posts and informative pages on the meridians, chakras, and body evolution. All oils may be purchased on the AFA site, but if there is anything you don’t see or wish advice on, please feel free to email me at

I offer an affiliate option if you wish to share Fragrance Alchemy with clients.

I offer training in Fragrance Alchemy for practitioners, through private sessions. A self-study training program will be available next year.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you do the Chakra Activation program, and soon to come, the Ordinary Meridian Activation Program–this will be a blend of self-study and live interactive small group calls with me, to awaken these manifestation superpowers in the body!

Many of the Fragrance Alchemy oil protocols work to activate deeper levels of the chakras and meridians.  They support accelerated body evolution in a most beautiful and elegant way!

Visit the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy and explore the wonders of these healing oils!

For first time visitors, you may receive 10% off your first purchase on the AFA site.  I am thrilled to spread the word about these miraculous oils.   Use the coupon newtofa10 for discount (good for one time use).