This page has links to posts on this initiative and PDFs explaining the details of the process.

For those who don’t have the Space Clearing set-up and are interested in joining in, please send me an email (

Part of space clearing effectiveness comes from awakening the power of the mineral kingdom /gemstones in us. Many of you have done through past programs with me, and if you have not, these are the main steps recommended:

  1. The Gemstones activation ceremonies (given in the Bird Clock 3 / Veil / Merkaba of the Holy Masters program)
  2. Qi Vesta Assignment from the Infinite (this can be done as self-study with mentoring with me, if you wish)

From the Blog – Messages and Links to Video Talks:

The Power of Crystals & Gemstones and the Power Sigils to be Impervious to EMF and 5G Interference

Tuesday July 12th 2022 ~ Creating Pristine Spaces

Space Clearing Protocol – Exciting Update – Logistics/Materials

Space Clearing 4-corners Triangulation mp4 (12 mins)

Deeper Dive into the Space Clearing Protocol – Fluid Geometry of the 4-corners triangulations  and New Power Sigil  to Create Beneficial ‘Loops in Time’

There are two videos – I am not sure what each covers, but overall, the discussion covers:

The fluid geometry in the 4-corner triangulations of the space clearing setup

  • the triangulations are really a pair of triangles: Earth/Water/Fire and Earth/Aether/Wind. So the triangle becomes the 5-element pentagram. When we are the Bridge of No Space / No Time, it becomes the Merkaba of the Holy Master. Through choosing a benevolent reality and leading with innocent perception on all levels of the psyche, we truly are building our self-sovereign vehicle to move through pristine spacetime.

As space and time are inseparable in the real Dream of the Infinite, what is time in pristine space? The answer comes through the new Power Sigil to support our Space Clearing efforts…

Talks with Willy

Simplified talk on general themes

1 – Space and time are inseparable

2 – The triangulation

The Setup and the Daily Ceremony

The setup

Here are videos on the ceremony steps. If you are not actively doing the alchemy and just receptive to the blessings, this may not be of interest to you at this point. Don’t feel you have to understand the ceremony to benefit from the alchemy, because you don’t need to. The Space Clearing process has been activated by the Seer to work in the way that I described, and those who are receptive only, are receiving the blessings throughout the day, as the others do the process.
The components for the ceremony

PDF (Many more to come)

Q & A webinar Recordings

Thursday 9/8 11am ~ 2-hour talk

We covered a lot of ground, including the new etheric meridians as opening up the etheric layer where the gap kept outer and inner separated. What are the implications of this…and the power to create Heaven on Earth.

Time/Space/Matter and how it relates to the four new meridians. The larger context of the Space Clearing Protocol.

The Material Life Power sigil and an example with my dishwasher. The plant sigil and Wendy’s experience.

The power of the quartz on the power stacks. The Power stacks of for Clarity and Purity and how to use them.

The Steps of the daily Space Clearing Ceremony

  • Harmonizer process elaborated / PS of the endocrine is ‘Matter’ in the triangulation.
  • The triangulation of the 4 corners is the 5-elt wheel and the Merkaba of the Holy Masters
  • Light explosions — why 4 times…how to do it — follow your inspiration, and keep it engaging for you
  • The Global Inner Child is the IC or humanity
  • How to ‘do’ Power Sigils

Moxa (mugwort) clearing of ghosts and psychic imprints, to open to higher aspects of Self (with Alumina)

Passcode: xA^TDz1.

Friday 9/9 ~ 1:30 hr talk

We talked about the 4 new meridians as the place of our Home. The importance of incorporating the alchemy of the 4 kingdoms to master the tools of the holographic screen, and the paths of communication that grow exponentially with each new perspective that makes up a lens — this causes excess generation of resources, so that we are producer rather than consumer of resources.

The triangulation in the Space Clearing and the 5 element wheel, and time, space, matter.

Covered how to lay things out in a home, the portable triangles for rooms and for travel, the pendant and pocket mini-power stack/triangulation to carry around.
Passcode: 2H@4ws4U

Support Videos (To come)

Awakening the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth (Inner Nurturers of the Planet) mp4

Earth Healing BVP Protocol mp4

Flowers of Life mp4 (to be done monthly or so, to clear the unreal overlays that obscure the real)

Mugwort / Moxa Ceremony to clear ghosts and psychic imprints, and open to higher aspects of Self