December 31, 2020

I received deep cleansing through the trauma clearing program. I did not realize the amount of fear and trauma I was living in before. Things seem much easier to let go of now.

April 25, 2017

I feel so much more fluid in life. There's an open willingness with everything that was never there before. I was overly concerned about others, what they think, their comfort, and so on. Now that is not a concern at all. I also have no need to impress or compete--something that has been with me all my life. This is HUGE. I also notice that I don't get upset at things that would normally get to me. I feel like I am floating through life and every day brings new things. Another big shift I've noticed from the AiB-level 2 sessions is that I used to have a hyper energy and my mind would never stop racing. Now I am so calm..things happen around me that would trigger me before, and now I notice my mind is still. Things are opening up with my work and clients and I am just loving the space I'm in! I've never experienced this quality of calm and contentment in my life! The changes in me are amazing.  Lynne Smith, NS, Canada

April 6, 2017
The messages, the gifts of emphasis you so generously provide from a fathomless space held in breathless devotion...I feel fathomless love flowing free as the Eternal River flows free...I am a flower bud...I am the full bloom..I am Beauty, magnificent beauty that causes me to weep from a heart opened, humbled before such love and feeling Spring rising  gratitude for your tireless generation of healing currents and open sluices thank-you...Thank-you.
It is truly a miraculous journey and I feel blessed beyond measure...working with you has been answer to a prayer...I'm home now. I've found my cherished inner home, Randolph, NH❣
March 28, 2017
What have I noticed after only one month? Less resistance to life. A lighter heart. Smiling more.  Deeper connection with nature (especially trees). Effortlessly knowing what I didn't know I knew! Abundant surprises. Experiences of a shortened gap between intent and manifestation.
I love receiving an early morning email illuminating our focus for the day according to the cosmic Timemap. It is such a gift to begin the day aligning with Infinite Intent and sharing this focus with others participating in Adventures in Boundlessness. Grateful and delighted the focus includes recommendations for applying fragrance oils. So excited to be incorporating the luscious, multidimensional, incomparable oils of High Magic. They exponentially amplify the alchemy!
I love receiving the thoughtful video message of the day offering practical insights into inner family dynamics. Each reflection fully supports leaving the old dream of separation and opposition behind. It is a great privilege to be on this reality shaping journey together.
I love the deep dive blogs that are so rich and multilayered that I find a new ah ha no matter how many times I have revisited each one.
The BVP sessions have been phenomenal. I feel density dissolving, fluidity being restored, eons of old programs being erased. All is in perfection.
(And I love the behind the scenes session notes for each session.)
Thank you for being fearless guides into the new reality of High Magic.! Love & Blessings, Yvonne D
March 21, 2017

I am loving Adventures in Boundlessness.  I look forward to it everyday as it is so helpful in using the Timemaps.  I also love the other work with the oils and the acupunture points that your bring in.. appreciate how more expansive I am physically and spiritually through your vast information which you share.  gratitude and praise, Robin Sharp

New Hampshire
March 19, 2017

A continuum of miraculous manifestations...what a week it's been!! After the Activation Ceremony with you and Ciara, I am floating in an ocean of luminous liquid opalescent light...PLGST to The Infinite One for this healing gift...I am now the willing, humble responsible steward for the precious resource that I Am. Sending exponential waves of love from the High Heart.