We are so very pleased to be offering tools that will assist in transforming the dense body into a fluid field that is no longer bound to polarity in the atomic grid. This new body is one of Ageless Beauty, where your luminous form expresses ever newness as your life follows.

This is certainly a tall claim, but all the elements needed to leap into the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness are here, for us to recognize, engage with, and embody!  When the body is the fluid vehicle of Divine Intent, then we become the Door of Everything…the answer to all that we desire. We invite you to step through that Door, to discover who you truly are.

I am a long-time student of the great Seer Almine, and have been  ‘putting roots’ under her teachings for the past 8 years, within the larger context of several decades of dedicated search for the ‘true’ body that can manifest the ‘real’ beyond the world of appearances.  My passion is metaphysics — to uncover the mysteries of life and then embody them so that they ‘grow corn’. In Almine’s teachings I found everything I needed to be a perpetual explorer of the mysteries of life..

In mid 2020, I approached Almine with the idea of alchemically empowered Rose Quartz tools to clear the layers of distortions from face and body, and activate the 3 dantien centers, the mystical gates, and acupuncture portals of the body, so that we could more easily make the leap into the fluid, incorruptible  body.  In incorruptibility we manifest a life of grace and beauty from the fullness of our being, in deep presence with the alchemical potential and pulse of the moment.  With these blessed Rose Quartz tools and the programs developed around them, we are assisted, in phases, to deep release of distortion, as well as activation of hidden body centers to their higher functions.  All this is done for the ultimate goal of embodying the divine template for becoming co-creator with Source.  Almine has given us all the tools we need, it is our next steps now to recognize the blessings and take them up.

Not only has Almine agreed to support these tools through alchemical infusions, but she is endorsing the programs for her students!   So it is with great excitement that these are being offered to you.

The Rose Quartz tools have been alchemically blessed by the Seer, with powers for deep subliminal clearing of all levels of being, and to activate body centers to their next level of evolution. The body has been trapped in binding geometry or ‘matrices’, through programmed belief systems that have been able to seep in due to trauma. The RQ series of programs are designed to systematically clear and activate the body to be able to leap into the pristine, divine template of the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness.

Blessed Kits include Fragrance Alchemy oils, as well as Power Wheels and EMF protection sigils, received by the Seer. The tools are very timely, given the level of interference in the world presently.


The Rose Quartz Facial Kit and Phase 1 of the Fountain of Plenitude 

Old stories of pain and struggle are held in the body’s organs and show up on your face — in the wrinkles, sagging and discoloration of the skin, in the lack of spark in the eyes and in the absence of joy in the facial expression. These stories become masks that rob you of your vitality and cause repetitive cycles of struggle. Throughout the program you will sense these personal masks dropping, and the coping mechanisms and negative emotions dissolving. This program will cover a full repertoire of topics and principles designed to enhance and establish a new way of gracefully navigating life with an open and trusting heart with the knowingness that life is benevolent, supportive and magical. We will release layers of programs, belief systems and patterns from the meridians, to allow potential that has formerly been prevented from actualization to manifest, and bring forth your true inner beauty. A process to open up the 12 Gates of Limitlessness on the body is also included.

After the completion of the 28-day program you will be able to continue the protocol on your own, honoring yourself in a sacred ritual that is here to return you to eternal self-regeneration and self-rejuvenation as the basis for an abundant life.

Click on the link for more details on the kit and program, to find out about the alchemical properties and powers of the tools, and to read testimonials from participants. 

The Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Kit and Phase 2 of the Fountain of Plenitude 

We can only begin to live from our inner space into the outer, meaning that our pure essence aligned with our true self can reveal our “Ageless
Beauty”, as we walk in innocence and trust that life is benevolent and experiences are  tools to explore ourselves. While in a state of
perpetual self-regeneration we will sync up with our new etheric body template so that it becomes a physical reality.  In fluid regeneration, no physical impairment is permanent, and you are your own source of healing.

The second program clears trauma and distorted programs from trauma, from deep levels of the body including cellular memory.  Trauma is devastating to the inner psyche–most particularly to the Inner Child– and it sustains a gap between inner and outer reality, which fills with illusion. All gaps must dissolve now in order to become impervious to the hostile interference in our world at present. The gaps keep the body in density and trap consciousness in a lower reality. This second phase deepens us in fluid regeneration, and so much falls away through the activations and alchemical ceremonies.  Perpetual regeneration is the foundation  to manifesting a life or ever greater beauty and magic…a life that contributes to evolution and has value for eternity. It is foundation to true abundance that comes from life ever new flowing through your being.

In this phase, we do deep trauma clearing, restoring purity to the sexual center and innocence to creative sexual power, we clear unworthiness and activate the Divine Heritage of Timelessness in face and body, and learn how to create new etheric templates for a truly aligned and luminous form.

The clearing works with a Rose Quartz yoni egg for women, and a dedicated guasha Heart for men (placed at the sacrum along with an alchemical oil to support the process for men), and has a specific protocol done for 7 days, to do the deep clearing of all the layers of trauma. The result is greater lightness, clarity, self-presence, empowerment, and so much more. Shifts are made on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This program too is offered as a 28-day assisted activation program that is not to be missed! The depth of clearing is a crucial step in becoming fluid, and fluidity is key in expressing reality anew!

Sandra Saradesi has partnered with me, and together we are developing the phases so that they can serve in profound awakening to people at all levels of consciousness.  You can find out the dates of upcoming programs by clicking on the product links.

Click on the link for more details on the second kit and program, to find out about the alchemical properties and powers of the tools in Ki2, and to read testimonials from participants:

Note on Live Support versus Self-Study Options

Only the first kit can be purchased on its own as a self-study program, and you can get a head-start in working with the blessed Tools, but it is recommended to sign up for a live program while offered in 2021! The live component with daily activation and other support is invaluable.  The self-study option is there for those who just want to dabble first, before diving in!

All other phases offer such profound shifts into the fluid body of wholeness, that it was decided to offer them in the optimal way, that is, with full activation support. So at this time, those kits cannot be purchased without the live support component. 

Praise for these Tools of Incomparable Potency! 

To hear what participants have to say about the live Phase 1 program, please go to the Sacred Messages podcast series with Kathleen O’Hara.  

The 5 Phases of the RQ Tools to Activate the Fountain of Plenitude

Next phases will be added as they are ready to go!  The 5 phases made themselves known as Sandra and I explored what needed to be established to live as the Bridge between form and formlessness, where we become the Fountain of Regeneration and Blessings. It became apparent that they corresponded to the 5 elements–powers of deeper cognitive mind–, and were leading us to embody the most magical Tool received by Almine, which is the Bird Clock of High Manifestation.  This series is not to be missed, as the blessings from the Seer Almine are most potent at this pivotal time where we are learning to live a life of magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Rose Quartz Tools Do?

You will have to read the details on the product pages for the 2 kits and programs we have so far.  Their powers are nothing short of increadible, and what you may experience will be an individual experience. But overall, expect miracles!

The Seer has personally alchemically activated the Tools to enhance the powers in the Rose Quartz tool, so that you are receiving profound healing and activation blessings as you use them as directed. They can be used by healing practitioners on clients, to optimize the effectiveness of your sessions. The Tools are holy objects, in that they bring blessings from a higher order reality of Oneness into your reality, entraining you on all levels to transcend to the next step.

The tools will automatically upgrade too, with cosmic changes, so that they are always infused with the highest blessings possible.  There are none like these in the world!


Can I participate even if I have not studied Almine’s work?

Absolutely. In fact, these tools work at deep levels that you do not even have to know about. There are so many programs subliminally embedded that they are not accessible through healing your personal experiences in life. As these clear, you will find so much more clarity, you will release old belief systems and emotional triggers, and will feel much deeper peace and self-acceptance. You will find that you are more flexible with life, more open in relationship, less dense in body, illness may release, deeper sleep, feeling self-fulfilled and grounded in yourself, and much more. This will happen no matter whether you grasp the metaphysical aspects or not.


Lifestyle Changes and Extra Support though the Programs

We are quite literally bombarded with distortion frequencies that aim to weaken the immune system and disrupt emotional and mental sovereignty. As you purify all levels of your being with the Rose Quarts tools and Fountain of Plenitude activations, you will begin to detach from the world around you as it will feel increasingly false.  That’s a necessary transition.  You are encouraged during the programs to practice wholesome living, which includes plenty of rest, time for meditation, practices to reduce stress, process emotional distortions as they arise, nightly exercises to integrate shifts from the activations, etc. In addition, you will receive Power Wheels and Sigils to neutralize EMF/ELFs from phones and devices. to protect during sleep, embody innocence as a shield, and purify water and food, and your space.


Can I get the Kit now and do the Live Activation Program later?

Absolutely! You can explore the tools on their own, but as we go deeply into the levels, the live daily activation support becomes increasingly important.  Both myself and Sandra have had healing practices for several decades, and we live a life dedicated to the cutting edge. These programs are truly the culmination of our mastery, and we are excited to offer them to support you at this critical time!


Can I redo the Activation Program even if I’ve done it before?

Yes you can redo the live program, at a discounted fee. Email us for this option.


Can I purchase more of the blessed Tools  for use with clients or to give as gifts?

The Tools are holy objects, so if you are gifting them to another, please share information, at least to some level, of their power.  They are not ordinary facial or guasha tools!  You may purchase additional blessed guasha pieces, mushrooms, and eggs, on the AcademyofFragranceAlchemy website.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that if you are going to join a live program, that you order your kit with plenty of time for delivery. Kits are shipped within a few days maximum of receiving the order, but we can’t account for the shipping delays being experienced, especially for international orders.


About Anita

Metaphysician, mathematician, healer, and teacher for decades, I am devoted to the journey at the cutting edge of evolution. I have and continue to develop programs and products to assist in disengaging from the obsolete reality of separation, and truly manifesting a beautiful life that expresses the unique essence of our being. The answer to everything is in achieving the fluid incorruptible body, and we have all we need to make this happen.  My recent work has focused on the higher manifestation powers of the meridian system, emotional alchemy where emotional distortions are turned to creative power, and most recent, the secrets of the Magical Bird Clock of High Manifestation. The Rose Quartz / Fountain of Plenitude 5-phase programs are part of this larger work, inspired by the infinite treasures from the teachings of the great Seer Almine.

I have been initiated by the Seer herself in Rune Mastery, and was appointed one of the placeholders of the Runes worldwide. I am the Dean of the Qi Vesta, the divination system of Oneness. I teach the Runes, Qi Vesta, Belvaspata Angelic Healing, and my deep dive programs. I offer a monthly membership to daily messages, where we explore the latest in cosmic unfoldment (on this site), and a weekly remote healing session program through wholebeingflourishing.com.  I am the founder of the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy https://academyoffragrancealchemy.com, and co-founder of the Rune Mastery Environment https://anutiama.net, where you will find apps for all the systems of divination that Almine has received.

About Sandra

Sandra is a Holistic Practitioner with almost 15 years of international experience. She is recognized as a Gifted Healer, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, and The Yoga of Illumination Instructor, in addition to holding the title of Grand Master of the Runes (2016) and the Angelic Healing Modality of Belvaspata (2007). A close student of the Seer Almine since 2007 spreading her teachings across Canada including Quebec and Alberta. She was hosting up to four weekly Radio Shows as requested by the Seer. Sandra has been instrumental in the translation of the teachings into many languages, such as Spanish, French and Portuguese.

An accomplished Speaker and Corporate Workshop Facilitator, with extensive experience hosting four weekly podcasts for over a period of five years. Sandra shares her knowledge on transcending binding paradigms of the matrix and how to enter into immortality as a result and elevating others’ consciousness by bringing them back home to the Self are some of her gifts. she empowers individuals through online workshops, groups and private sessions. She has taught and led workshops and retreats in four languages throughout the US (including New York), Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Holland, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. Its her true Passion and Joy to awaken others into their majesty to live a magical life.

Sandra walks the talk, and is truly an explorer of the boundlessness of her being. It is a joy to collaborate with her, as we explore the path of alchemy toward becoming masterful High Alchemists!