I offer training in many modalities that can be incorporated into an existing healing practice, get you started in one, or studied for accelerated personal growth.

Over the years, I’ve developed rich training materials in these profound healing, guidance, and activating modalities received by the great Seer Almine. These are incomparable in their effectiveness, and they are alchemical–meaning that you, your clients and loved ones, as well as  life itself shift each time used. Blessings from the One Life flow for all life, and through these modalities we may direct them with humility and gratitude.

Qi Vesta ~ end of April 2024

I am beginning the Assignments from the Infinite — a 120day commitment to daily Qi Vesta ceremonies — at the end of April 2024 (date and format TBA)

Emotional Alchemy ~ (created in 2020)

This offering started July 2020. Emotional Alchemy was revealed to me over a period of 18 months, and establishes full grasp of the power and purpose of emotion in exploring the cosmic themes of relevance, and in manifesting our Heart’s true desires.  It is a profound paradigm shift through which you learn to use emotion as a powerful tool.   For anyone who wishes to break free from old stories and grasp the creative power of emotions and its four levels of emotional expression to create new possibilities for life.

No current programs planned for 2024, but if interested. send me an email. 


The Bird Clock ~ The Hours of Infinite Intent through a Creational Cycle

This is the most powerful tool of magical manifestation received by the Seer Almine. As Almine said, through it you team up with the most formidable power, the Power of the Infinite, to manifest your heart’s desires.  The Bird Clock is a masterpiece, a time warping device and quantum tool that causes you to manifest higher life. Form  space/time as your tool, you enter cosmic godhood.



Belvaspata Healing with the Angels (Anytime)

This is a powerful healing modality received by the Seer Almine, that works with light (perception) and frequency (emotions). Light creates the infrastructure for your reality to emerge within, and frequency shapes the things that show up in your reality.  The modality clears distortions in these components or building blocks of life so that you can manifest from true, unique essence through fluid light and frequency that cannot be separated or manipulated. Clears trauma, programming, stuck and frozen parts, physical, soul, and spirit karma. Works on the chakras, meridians, and all body systems at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  In person training or live online. Mentoring, initiations to Levels 1, 2, Master and Grand Master.

Initiated in 2013 to all four levels, I created a training group online for 2 years, where we did weekly Belvaspata group sessions.   Due to time constraints, I ended the group, but kept training and mentoring individuals who wish to add Belvaspata in their healing practices.  The program I offer is part live and part self-study, and comes with meditations and alchemical clearing videos to deepen the teachings. I can offer the deeper metaphysics of Belvaspata, or the more simple mentoring if that is your preference.

I offer the following:

  • Levels 1 and 2
  • Mastery and Grand Mastery with BVP for the Meridians
  • Deeper Dive into specialty BVPs and incorporating into your practice

Email me for details anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com. You can read about the modality on the main website, www.belvaspata.org

Fragrance Alchemy

Founder of the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, I have studied Almine’s work with the alchemical healing oils since 2013, when the meridians oils came out to clear the primary emotions at cause for all distortion.  Meridian activation has been my area of exploration since 2003, and what prompted me study and train in Acupuncture. These oils are incomparable, and they work at many levels–functioning in attunement to a person’s level of consciousness, as follows:

  1. Level 1 – Physical / Transformational – You are an effect of your past and circumstances in your life. The FA oils clear the belief systems and thought patterns that keep you in painful repetitive cycles. They assist in making it easier to take new action in life. Mind becomes quieter.
  2. Level 2 – Emotional / Transmutational – You are on a healing journey to make peace with your past. You are waking up to the fact that when you change within, life around you changes. The FA oils clear the emotional debris in the organs, cells, and minds spread through the body. They help to transmute the pain into new powers of self-support that get you on new liberating paths in life. Heart opens and there is generation of pure desires from a level of innocence (Inner Child).
  3. Level 3 – Mental / Transfigurational – You have released the obsolete and are now choosing to manifest a higher life. The FA oils create a pristine space where mind and heart are in sync, which can receive a higher order of life. Fills out missing tones in the Song of Self that calls forth potentials into your life. This opens you to synchronicities and ‘miracles’ (higher reality entering into a lower one). Body becomes less dense.
  4. Level 4 – Spiritual / Transcendental – You have become self-sovereign and accountable only to your Greater Self. The FA oils support the dissolution of opposites. Restoration of innocence, full self-assimilation and wholeness, matrices dissolve. They assist in creating the space of oneness, the Heart of Hope, and individuation through unique, multi-perspectives. You create new reality around you as you welcome the emergence of greater and greater capacities from the endlessness of your being.
  5. Beyond – you are an alchemical component in the process and operate on all 12 dimensions. The FA oils activate tones in sync with cosmic evolution. We have much more to discover, as Almine has stated, “we are working with the tip of iceberg with Fragrance Alchemy presently:.

Visit the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy site, and email me if you wish further details.  www.academyoffragrancealchemy.com

Runes of the Infinite Mother

This is a powerful system of guidance and manifestation that supports people at all levels of evolving consciousness. It operates on 12 dimensions that contain our wholeness.  Each dimension has a tool or lens through which life is interpreted and expressed, and when all ‘lenses’ are purified and expressing well, you step into full power of becoming the central expresser of your reality. Can be used for so many types of support sessions for clients seeking guidance, deep clearing, and alchemical support to manifest grace in areas of their lives.

Training comes with some live some recorded video webinars, with meditations and deep clearing processes on video and audio, and 3 months free access to the incredible Rune Mastery Environment app, that allows you to access the full Rune system on any device. With it, you can build an online practice in Rune divination, healing, and support for manifestation.

I was initiated by the Seer Almine herself, and was assigned as ‘placeholder’ for the Runes in 2014. I have been immersed in their powers daily ever since, and have trained and initiated many people since. This is a fully supported training with the tools for personal use, to augment your practice, or to build a new practice with.

Every modalities from the Seer is seamlessly interconnected. For example, there are 672 runes on 7 fields for life in form, and there are 672 acupuncture points on the body. The full 12 sets of the Runes correspond to the meridian system, and they activate the acupuncture points multi-dimensionally, as intercommunication portals between embodied individuation and your outer reality as your potential emerging (greater self). They activate DNA, higher hormones, the 7 primary chakras and the 24 chakras of manifestation. and more.

Read about the Rune Mastery Environment on www.anutiama.net

Training currently is part live and part self-study. Send an email to inquire at anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com. Also explore the info on the AiB Shop: Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery Training


Divinity Quest ~ to come