Anita Lucia, DCEd, MSc, DAc, RET

I am a spiritual counselor, mystic, healer, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools which I taught for years, and now the person behind Adventures in Boundlessness–an explorative journey into the unfathomable boundlessness of being, attuned to and living in the new reality of limitlessness.

The best way to describe my work is that I am a consciousness catalyst, devoted to the cutting edge, to body evolution to manifest a powerful life through awakened presence, to uncovering the true secrets of manifestation in a new reality beyond the law of compensation and polarity.

I am passionate about assisting participants in recognizing latent powers in them and igniting them into activity, in opening up the possibility to manifest life through instantaneous alchemical change. The awakened body supports higher consciousness and a higher life of ever greater beauty, poise, grace, and inspired living.

My work brings liberation and freedom to clients, leading them to emancipate from the dream of the painful illusion and into a life of boundlessness….beyond limiting conditions and belief structures.

I’ve been exploring the mysteries of the body, and how to transcend the world of duality since 2002. The methods and activations that I bring into my work impact on all levels to clear distortion and reveal the inherent perfection–which is what true healing is.

I am also co-founder of the following initiatives:

  • Rune Mastery Environment, which is a platform to learn and engage with the power Runes of the Mother for guidance and manifestation,
  • Whole Being Flourishing, membership platform for Weekly Belvaspata Sessions with self-study materials, and a daily field of alchemical support!
  • Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, dedicated to Alchemical Egyptian Oils to Ignite Body Evolution by entrainment to wholeness through remembered Oneness


Some background….

 I have been studying metaphysics for nearly 35 years, first a 30-year love for the teachings of the incredible mystic and seer, Rudolf Steiner, followed by a deep dive into the work of mystic and seer Almine.  I found in Almine, the most current and cutting edge teachings, which was not possible back in Steiner’s time. 

 I became completely focused on healing in 2000, and after studying all manner of energy healing modalities and finding limitations with each one, I started to develop my own ‘etheric’ healing tools.  In 2005 I founded Inner Mastery Tools and eventually taught the methods to practitioners.  During this time, I became aware of the need to evolve the body beyond its capacities then, in order to attune to a reality beyond the illusions we were in collectively. This began a search for what I called ‘higher hormones’, that led me to study the meridian system and acupuncture, and also took me ‘down the rabbit hole’, exploring the inner realms.  In 2012, a life changing event occurred that put me in complete confusion. That year, out of necessity, I ‘discovered’ the profound power of aligning the 3 dantien centers, and later taught this method under the name “Vertical Awaring”, which was a way to cut through illusion and drop down into the observer self, portal to the eternal self. 

In 2013 I found Almine, and at my first private retreat she was talking about the meridian system and ‘god hormones’.  I recognized what I’d been searching for and dove into all of her materials.  Putting ‘lines between the dots’ of her many teachings, I found the ‘holy grail’ I’d been in search of, and have been teaching this ever since.  And my teachings began to move away from complex metaphysics initially, toward simpler programs. 

But it was not until the recent emergence of a new meridian, the 9th meridian that activates the 3 centers or ‘minds’ into leveraged power, that all has fallen into place. I am now entering a new phase, of opening the work up to larger audiences, to teach emotional alchemy as a path to liberation from the matrices of illusion, and beyond this, that is, to enable the secretion of higher hormones, evolve the body as vessel of high manifestation, and manifest a ‘real’, self-sovereign environment.

  *   *   *   *   *


Some Parts of my Timeline

2006-2012 – Developed the Embodied Harmonic Symbol (EHS)–the key Inner Mastery Tool for 3-centers alignment. Discovered and taught ‘Vertical Awaring’– a method to cultivate awareness and harmonious interaction in Head, Heart, and Gut.

2013 – Initiated into Mastery and Grand Mastery of Belvaspata

2014- I was initiated by the Seer herself, into Rune Mastery, and assigned as one of five placeholders of the Runes worldwide. This year as well, Almine blessed and upgraded the EHS.

2019 – I was conferred the deanship of the Qi Vesta  (which means “Breath of the Divine”–a system of guidance and manifestation that establishes a person in indivisible oneness, opening up a rich, intimate relationship with Self and Source, in the feminine realm of inner space.

Also this year, Almine blessed and upgraded the EHS as a powerful entrainment tool.

I train and teach all the above modalities, and have developed support materials so that it’s part self-study and part personal training with me.