Follow these steps to do a daily pick:

  • Get centered and welcome support
  • Hold an intention for daily inspiration or for guidance around a specific issue
  • Click on the deck image to pick a rune (you will be redirected to the website page)

Look at the color of you card, and you can determine what field you are being guided to bring awareness to today.

  1. Red – First Field ~ Root chakra ~ Shamanism – Physical
  2. Orange – 2nd Field ~ Sacral chakra ~ White Magic – Soul
  3. Yellow – 3rd Field ~ Solar Plexus ~ Healing/Wholeness through Remembered Oneness – Mental (lower spirit)
  4. Green – 4th Field ~ Heart ~ Mysticism – Higher spirit
  5. Blue – 5th Field ~ Throat ~ Metaphysics (eternal self)
  6. Purple – 6th Field ~ 3rd Eye ~ Godhood
  7. Violet – 7th Field ~ Crown ~ Unfolding Journey
  8. Light Blue – 8th Field ~ Lahun (above Crown) Resurrection/Graceful Metamorphosis
  9. Pale green – 9th Field ~ Runes of the Unfathomable
  10. Apple Green – Runes of Spiritualizing Matter
  11. Aquamarine – Runes of Limitless Flow
  12. Peach – Runes of The Great Realizations

The 9th Field takes up us ‘through’ to the Field of the One, establishing the Bridge between form and formlessness.

10 to 12 are levels of expression in the Field of the One, where we become the central expressor of our reality, and fractal pattern for all life.

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