Regeneration / Rejuvenation Rose Quartz & Guasha kit Blessed by the Seer


This product has been blessed and alchemically activated by the Seer Almine, to support body fluidity and regeneration to a state of remembered wholeness.  It will help to restore frequencies of wholeness in face and body, and release distorted ones from the human stories and trauma we carry in the cells and other ‘minds’ throughout body and fields.

The product comes with the following:

** The kit: a rose quartz roller + heart-shaped Guasha tool to stimulate blood and Qi flow and acupuncture points on the body.

** Wheels to keep the tools at a high vibrational state:

  • Laminated Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration through the 144 Tones of Purity (and two stickers of the wheel to use on your facial wash or cream
  • Laminated 5-Elements Wheel of evolved consciousness

**3 sample size FA oils to use with the protocols

  • Forever New
  • Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance
  • Awakening Self-Compassion

**Several audio/videos with processes with the kit
**Pages of materials to access on AiB (using the Rose Quartz tools)
**Small booklet of uses of the tool
**Video for an Alchemical Facial and body activation

Quantities are limited, so if you wish to have a kit, you should purchase now. If you want to reserve one and need to pay later, email me asap and I will up a kit aside for you.

Shipping of $15 has been added to the price.