Arasatma ~ Seven Breaths of Eternal Life ~ Level 1


    The 7 Breaths of the Arasatma (Eternal Life) are the original work of Almine, (LLC Spiritual Journeys,

    Information on these sacred breaths were received by Almine in 2013, from ancient libraries held in the etheric. Level 1 is designed to release deep seated trauma and open the channels of prana. It initiates the grounding of the pranic tube and opening of the 24 chakras in the body, empowers manifestation, cleanses the seven bodies and the four directions, and more. (Read more below).

    In this product you receive

    • A video with  the full level 1 Arasatma Breaths routine
    • A pdf with information and a handy reference on the breaths and what they do
    • A video meditation to cleanse through the pranic tube
    • Fragrance Alchemy protocol for the breaths (FA oils sold separately)

    The video format is a great support when doing the breaths in groups (large screen). On your own, it has the sigils, instructions, depictions of breath circulation, and affirmations to contemplate, so you can simply play and do the hour long routine.

    Note: You will be directed to register on the Inner Mastery Tools site in order to access materials. Upon purchase, you will be given a link to register.