Unifying the 12 Ordinary Meridians through their Entry/Exit Points


    In this audio exercise, we establish the flow between the 12 ordinary meridians and enliven them with the powerful Attitudes of Exhilaration (of the 24 chakras) and main qualities of the hidden planets. As the meridians flow one into the other, at the connecting entry and exit points, they are assisted to becoming a unified field, capable of holding the ‘hidden gems’ and faculties associated with the magic of man that we may now embody.

    This is a short meditation (19 minutes) that can be done regularly to clear the ordinary meridians to be able to manifest the ‘real’, and activate the hidden organs of the body. Contains also the 12 Tones which eliminate guilt–the emotion that keeps us bound to linear time and spinning in mirrors of illusion.

    Comes with a pdf and a Fragrance Alchemy protocol for the entry/exit points of the meridian system.

    Attitudes of Exhilaration and Tones to eliminate guilt are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com