Three Centers Alignment ~ Harmonizing Head, Heart, and Gut Centers


    3-centers alignment is the foundational step in self-regeneration of the body and entering a higher reality under the law of perpetual generativity versus the law of polarity (compensation). it is a competency that stops the inner conflict, which is the root of all aging and struggle.

    This product has three meditation audios, The first two lead you in a  3-breath process in supporting the generation of all 4 brainwave states (beta, alpha, theta, and delta) that enable awareness of awake and dream states simultaneously. This results in ‘whole-brain thinking‘–the state of genius.

    As all 3 centers align, a 4th point becomes accessible, which is the activation of the corpus callosum (the 4th point to create a virtual reality through the merging of masculine and feminine), and hormones of well-being, potency, empathy and telepathy get  generated. We choose the reality we dwell in by the hormones that we secrete: lower hormones of neediness that bind, or higher hormones or all-sufficiency that cause alchemy with our environment.

    One audio is 25-minutes, and another is a quicker 12-minute version. Practice a version of the  3-breaths 3-centers process daily, in order to train the body to go into this state with ease. Life lived from internal harmony moves you out of opposition, stress, aging, and struggle.

    The music for the meditation is the Oneness Resonance Pulsation–a piece that entrains you to the planetary pulse and is known to generate serotonin.

    The 3rd audio meditation included is a 3-centers reframe process (16:45), which leads you to reframe and shift perspective and feeling around an issue.