Meditations to Awaken Outer Sense Organs to Manifest Anew


    Explore meditations and exercises to activate the outer sense organs to become pro-active is establishing a self-sovereign reality. The outer sense organs are powers to follow inspiration and merge what was (past) with what is emerging (future).  Rather than passive receptors of surface appearance colored by the past, the outer sense organs are power to manifest from the inner space, when they orient to perceiving what is becoming…what is possible…what supports the dreams of the Heart…

    Using the full sensory system is how you close the gaps of cause and effect that keep you stuck on an issue or circumstance; you are actually causing your reality to become fluid as you open to higher possibilities. The power of embodiment is the rich sensory system that offers the capacity to direct multi-dimensional perspective and potency into the material plane!

    In this product you get a page of discussion, exercises and three audio meditations to explore perceiving anew to manifest what you desire.

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