Activation of the Outer Sense Organs to Manifest A Higher Life


    Awakening Outer Sense Organs to their Pro-active Role in Co-creating Heaven on Earth

    In liberating the outer sense organs from the matrices of needing to know, we clear memories of the dream of eons in separation that has kept us in static grids and cyclical patterns– closing the doors to the past, and opening to a new fluid space of miraculous unfoldment. The outer sense organs then become gateways for the Infinite Being to perceive into and move life in form, from limitlessness potential. Read more below.

    In this product you receive:

    • A meditative talk that leads you to grasp the power of the 8 outer sense organs
    • A video on the 8 outer sense organs
    • A video on the power of sight and visioning life into being
    • 8 Light elixirs and sigils by the seer Almine, as downloads and postcards mailed to you. These activate the higher powers of the outer sense organs, to manifest in the new reality beyond polarity.
    • The 8 Rune protocols to heal and activate the outer sense organs, and cause them to become a Unified Field
    • A pdf in support of the sense organs as a unified field