Activating the 24 Chakras of Magical Manifestation


    The 24 chakras comprise a system of inner alchemy to manifest a reality that is the result of full cooperation with divine intent and the moving forces of cosmic life.

    They activate when we have transcended the emotions and memories of the Dream of separation. It is then that a connection is made to the 12 ordinary meridians through which our life manifests. Each of the 12 meridians supports two of the 24 chakras to sing their tones as States of Awareness (feminine) and Attitudes of Exhilaration (masculine). So important are these tones, as they create the fluid alchemy between the masculine and feminine, preparing us for the alchemical marriage of soul and body. Read more below.

    In this product, you receive:

    • Video talk and meditation to activate the 24 chakras of magical manifestation
    • Pdfs with material for deeper context, and FA for the 24 chakras
    • Audio meditation using the entry/exit points of the meridians to restore flow and heal the breaks in the system, to support the activation of latent faculties for higher life.

    The FA for the 24 chakras utilizes the 12 FA oils for the 12 ordinary meridians.

    With the purchase of this product, you will receive a 10% discount coupon code for the purchase of the 12 ordinary meridian FA kit.

    Sigil of the Fluid Alchemy between the Masculine and Feminine, from Messages from the Lemurian Angels, by Almine,