Three Centers Alignment (2) ~ Embracing Full Potential


    3-centers alignment is a cultivated practice that supports the merging of inner and outer realities. It is an invaluable competency to cultivate in mastering manifestation! The three centers of Head, Heart, and Gut act as central hubs for the chakra and the meridian systems, and they have an inner and outer counterpart. They are the body’s internalization of 3 parallel realities of individuation, oneness, and integrated oneness. (More details on 3 centers below).

    These audios support the entrainment to three levels of expression that happen on these three parallel levels of our existence. When we live all three in harmony, the internal strife and opposition ends, and we manifest a real environment that evolves the body and our environment in tandem, as they move in indivisible oneness.

    This product has 5 audio meditations–from short reset meditations that can be done on-the-spot, to progressively more elaborate.

    • 3-centers All is Well
    • 3-centers Presence
    • 3-centers Love & Trust
    • Acceptance in 3 Centers
    • Empty-Fullness Dream Anew