Perception as Power Source


    When you begin to see from whole being, from depth of wordless feeling, a sense of  something that seeks to be birthed will arise as a power of visioning beyond current paradigms…beyond what you can imagine. This is the higher power of Liver meridian, part of the Aether element that takes us beyond what we may have thought possible, into our limitless vastness.  Dedicated to ushering in the inconceivable genius that is ever present, you will find yourself on an upward spiral to greaterness and ever higher orders of life.

    In this product, you get:

    • A video meditation to support Perception as a Power Source
    • The audio version so you can do it fully meditatively, for deep processing.
    • Audio meditation of Miraculous Power of Visioning
    • The Rune protocol to heal the outer sense organ of Sight (from the Rune Mastery Environment App)
    • The Light Elixir for Sight, created by the seer Almine