Eliminating the Gaps between the Breaths to Clear Trauma and Density (Audio Meditation)


    From Almine, we are taught that all trauma is held in the gaps between the breath. Anxiety enters into the gaps that we are unable to be present in. These gaps create a delay between cause and effect, between our experience of inner and outer realities,  and between ourself and the Source of our Existence. The gaps are the cause of density in the body and noise or incessant chatter of the mind.

    Breathing to eliminate the gaps is a powerful exercise, when practiced regularly. As you begin breathing in a new way in life, without gaps, you will find yourself opening up to life in greater surrendered trust, and your body will release density, and the noise in mind will lessen.

    The audio meditation is 33 minutes long, and contains angel elixirs, sung by Almine, that work directly in the DNA to activate new capacities into expression. Comes with short pdf.