Right Brain Activation and Higher Resolutions Through the “New Spine”


    In this process, you first tune into an issue, situation, or project you wish to gain inspiration on, and  you bring it into your spine where you ‘taste’ its qualities.   Following this, you are led to a purging process through breath, then in a state of purification, you become a fluid field of luminosity.  We explore multi-sensory experience before dissolving the body and expanding out to the cosmos.  You gather all you need, drawing it into consciousness, as then  project your body anew with these new frequencies and substances.  After integration, you bring your issue back into the “new spine” that is the pranic tube, and move it through activated body centers  in order to awaken higher potentials.

    The combination of feeling the issue in the new spine with the prana, engaging medulla for excellence, amygdala for inspiration from the past, pineal for clarity/vision, perineum to clear the obsolete, and palm chakras for simultaneous giving and receiving, creates the “Anhk” in the body—the power of which increases as you close the gap between cause and effect, and clear debris from the pranic tube.

    This process awakens a tremendous power of the body to self-fertilize through continual shedding and refining expression. Comes with detailed pdf, and 40-minute audio meditation.