The Microcosmic Orbit (activating the Du/Ren circuit)


    In this audio meditation, we work with the harmonious flow of the Du and Ren extraordinary meridians–the primary yang and yin vessels that run through all the major energy centers of the body. Cultivating awareness of the flow of these vessels and the qualities that bring harmony to each, will accelerate their clearing and activation, and support the meridian system to become a unified field of evolved intelligence.

    In the exercise, we bring in the smiling heart energy and activate the Ren and Du channels in the microcosmic orbit through the body.

    The extraordinary meridians are the deeper vessels and reservoirs of Source. When they are fully activated in the body, they supply the 12 ordinary meridians with all that they need to manifest higher life. It is only when they are blocked, that we are stuck manifesting under the law of compensation, in a closed system of limited resources. When they are activated, we become cause of our life rather than its effect. Read more below.