Colored Light Explosions Meditations


    In this set of audio and video meditations, you are assisted through the 8 color light explosions of pristine humanness, then the full 12 color light explosions of evolved consciousness. The audios lead you through how to generate the colors as well as their effects. The videos are shorter, and they lead you through the color explosions at a fairly quick pace.

    These colored light explosions from the navel center, support clearing and purification of your environment. This process is best done daily, and it will help you to maintain a self-sovereign space.

    Product comes with the following

    • 2 audio meditations and pdf reference sheets (for the 8 colors, and then the 12 colors)
    • 3 video meditations/processes through the color: for the 8 colors (9 mins), the 12 colors (15 mins) and a short 5-min version through the 12 colors only (no talk). Once you know the properties of the colors, you can use them as needed, directing by intention.