Awakening the Instinctual Knowing of the Inner Child


    Reason dictates made-up dependencies of cause of effect, whereas no dependencies exist when we are directly impelled by the One Life that animates all. This depth of living is the Inner Child’s gift to us, and its instinctual knowing can guide us into the magical life when we are prepared to give up the endless reference points of reason.

    In the main audio with this product, the instinctual nature of the Inner Child level of the psyche is awakened, so that the Inner Child may feel its value and become an expressive and permeating part of the inner family (psyche).

    Product comes with:

    • Alchemical Video to awaken the instinctual nature of the Inner Child
    • The original audio meditation and pdf  (as an option to take in the higher insights of the alchemy)
    • A brainwave entrainment audio to enter the delta level
    • Two short videos to awaken the Inner Child aspect of the Inner Nurturer and Inner Warrior (Inner Sage to come)
    • A very powerful alchemical video to remove hypnoses at levels that are undetectable

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