True Beauty Meditation


    The audio meditation supports a profound experience that leads to understanding true beauty and claiming that power for yourself. The meditation begins with release of old programs around beauty and embracing higher truth.

    When you are free of programs and become wholly transparent…living beyond mirrors of self-reflection and in spontaneous and unselfconscious self-expression, then the beauty emanating from you will be ever new, moment by moment. As beauty is truth expressed, and truth is the revelation of the moment…that which can only be revealed in this very moment of perfection…so too will beauty be ever changing in the one who is transparent and in surrender.

    Like a crystal in the ever changing light of Infinite intent….like a harp whose strings reverberate in harmonic resonance of ever changing Infinite intent, so your beauty is ever new…ever changing. This true beauty is seen as an ageless quality…a quality such that people rediscover you anew each time…such that you will feel ever new in each moment.

    The meditation leads you to engaging the alchemy of voice, smiling heart energy of inner alchemy, and the creative power/silver mists of the sacral center to clear meridians and weave in higher impulses into every part of the body. It awakens potent gifts of the eternal self, and seeds powers of perpetual self-regeneration.

    37-minute meditation