Evolving the 7 Chakras


    The Evolved Chakra System

    The chakras have acted as receptors only up to now, and they evolve to being both receptors of expanded multi-dimensional information, as well as emitters of our aligned intent for manifesting reality.

    When the chakras are blocked, they have a ‘plug’ that holds the debris of unresolved issues, and as the plugs clear, the chakras become spheres of light. More light floods the body and there is increased non-cognitive knowing.

    Body illumination equates to healing and greater access to manifestation power. Beyond this, the sphere of light expand and eventually the whole chakra system becomes one large unified field of light. This enables instant manifestation that acts as proxy for the elevation of all life.

    This product describes the fields of existence and the higher function of the chakras as lenses and powers on 7 fields of existence. Higher insights for the chakras are given in support of their evolution to becoming a unified field  that encompasses the whole being. The evolved function of the chakras was given by the seer Almine, in a public and private retreat in 2017.

    The product comes with several alchemical elements and exercises, audios talks, and audio meditations on activating the higher function of the chakras that is possible at this time in evolution.