Emotional Alchemy Program


    This program is a key part of the “Great Awakening” — it is the teachings of how to use emotional power to manifest a new reality. We first learn to use emotional triggers as a power source to leap into a higher reality.  There are 48 distorted emotions through the 12 ordinary meridians, that all have beautiful, powerful transmutations.  Along with this part of the teachings, you learn how negative emotions have trapped you in a dream…under a spell.

    As we dive deeper, we explore four distinct ways to optimize the use of emotional power, as emotion that creates new reality is an alchemically leveraged power of 4 distinct frequencies or tones. These 4 tones express from 4 layers of Existence that are the parts of the Inner Psyche.

    When you know how, you can’t not know or go to sleep anymore. And when you know, reality changes.

    The teachings establish you in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness–the new body to manifest your very own self-sovereign reality and to co-create and express life anew.

    More details below.

    The program was offered live in June with one group, then again in July with a second overlapping group. The first group was for those who have been following the meridians and Inner Family teachings and were ready for a deeper dive into the metaphysical. The second was a lighter version.

    Program has

    • Thirteen main training webinars recorded
    • Training session recordings done privately (several for each topic so you can review from various angles)
    • Live and recorded meditations
    • Video on the Inner Family and the 8 extraordinary meridians as support
    • Series of audios to alchemize the distorted emotions of the meridian system
    • Some audios and Rune integrations with detailed steps to master the higher expression of the 48 distorted emotions of the 12 meridians
    • 4-Step technique to shift distorted emotions and create a new frequency or ‘song’ that calls forth new potentials into your life

    You will not find these teachings anywhere else, as they were accessed through revelation over an 18-month period. They are foundational teachings to manifest a new reality at this incredible time on Earth! 

    Note: The live programs have been completed, and this version is a self-study program, with a one-on-one session with me, and possible live webinar with others doing the self-study. The program is a good ‘on-ramp’ foundation for further programs exploring High Manifestation in the ‘School of the Gods’.

    If you wish the more metaphysical version, choose Deep Dive, and if you wish the lighter version, choose Lighter version.

    You may pay in full or in two installments made at your convenience (within 3 months please).

    AiB members: Be  sure to use the discount code for 15% off.