Emotional Alchemy Program


This program is part of establishing the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness–the new body to manifest our very own self-sovereign reality and express life anew.

More details below.

Program starts in June with a first group starting June 11, and a second group on June 30th.

First group for those who have been following the meridians and Inner Family teachings and are ready for the deep dive. Second for those who may need more context.

AiB members: Be  sure to use the discount code for 15% off.

Program will have

  • About 8-10 training sessions
  • Training session recordings (several for each topic so you can review from various angles)
  • Live and recorded meditations
  • Video on the Inner Family and the 8 extraordinary meridians as support
  • Series of audios to alchemize the distorted emotions of the meridian system

Note: once the 2 programs complete, it will be packaged into a self-study program, and will become the ‘on-ramp’ foundation to further programs exploring High Manifestation in the ‘School of the Gods’.