Fountain of Plenitude Phase 2 ~ Clearing Trauma and Activating the Fluid Body of Your True Divinity

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    Program has 4 major themes over 4 weeks, and is designed to restore innocence, purity, and fluidity to the body, and to cause the countenance (face) to express your ever growing luminous divine presence.  See below for more details.

    The program comes with the following:

    • A physical kit of the RQ yoni eggs for women, and dedicated guasha Heart for men, with an activated egg used as power object in your space.
    • 2 Power Wheels received by the Seer for this program — used to shift our countenance and support fluid morphing of body to match our emerging greater Self
    • Power Stack of 4 wheels to store the RQ tools on
    • Audios, Videos, PDFs and support material to work with through the program (and beyond)
    • Daily activation support
    • Alchemical ceremonies
    • Live program has 2 live webinars
    • Alchemical Bath Salts for one bath (used in a ritual process in the first week)

    The next date for Live Support may be in Fall 2022 (date TBA)

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    • Canadian orders, please add HST separately
    • Email me if you wish to have a payment plan.

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