Deep Dive into the Runes of the Cosmic Pulse (8th Set)~ Group Alchemy Sessions


    This impromptu program offering is to deepen in being cause of life, so that we step up in our role of expressing life anew through self-refinement.

    In the AiB membership, this has been a theme throughout the month of June, and it is clear that the 8th set runes are very key at this point in time, as they open us to becoming the ‘twist’ in the Moebius of indivisibility, the Bridge between formlessness and form, the Source and Door of Everything. Through their powers embodied for which we self-recognize as being the source of, the body evolves as a vehicle to reconcile the poles and enter into the miraculous life of no opposites.

    The program will consist of  6 group sessions on zoom. In each session, a participant will be able to bring forth an issue or area they wish to refine on, and we will do one of the 8th Rune set spreads on the Rune Mastery Environment app. All participants will be working with refining things in themselves, as the angel gods step forth in response to our intent. As we embody the powers and they flow forth from our creative expression in life, the angel gods are able to activate in the cosmos. “As Below, so Above“.

    All that we release through integrating the runes of the spread is part of the group alchemy, and we hold intent that all be deeply shifted through it. Then for the coming days, we each commit to living the runes’ power as inspired.

    Great way to explore the power of group alchemy, as well as learn to interpret these runes and to work with these amazing spreads.

    The 8th Runes of the Cosmic Pulse prepare us to deeply align with Infinite Infinite to express a new reality, by becoming cause of all that we wish reality to be.   This reverses the flow of resources — rather than taking from outer and self-depleting and degenerating, we give full expression to life and tap into limitless resources from Source within. And this is how we self-regenerate and become cause of flourishment in life.

    Groups will be capped at 6 participants, to give everyone a chance to receive personal support. You do not have to share personal details and can keep it general. But I will go into what I sense around it, and suggest how it applies to all of us. So being willing to give enough detail is best.

    NEXT PROGRAM in 2022 TBA. Tentative time is September 2022. Email if you are interested.

    Note: If you don’t have the RME app, you will get access to the 8th rune spreads for the duration of the program, in your free RME account.

    All calls will be recorded to play back later, but this program is meant for live interaction. So I will make sure we can find a time where we can all meet!  it’s fine to miss a session and do it soon after, but if you can’t attend most sessions, best to skip this offering.

    AiB members: apply the discount coupon.