Space Clearing Protocol – Exciting Update – Logistics/Materials

I am very excited to share that Almine has just blessed the whole Space Clearing process and has activated all the gemstones used in the protocol. We have a new power sigil for the Elite Shungite and Almine received the following:

Transmission from the Guardian of Shungite:

“Eons ago I seeded the first rock beds of shungite on this planet to grow and mature into the warrior stone that clears the unreal and the obsolete. As one of the benefactors of this planet, I come to restore the oxygen in the outer atmosphere, that all who have been placed here by the divine will of the Infinite, may thrive and live upon this planet Earth.”

The Elite Shungite is called the stone of Truth. It is said to prepare the physical body to sync up to the light body, so the two can unite, creating the fluid body of light.

It is such a source of wonderment, that higher resolutions that awaken us to ever greater power are there as we need them. We have but to be in trust and in cultivated stillness to hear the divine guidance that will lead us to safety…on paths of transcendence and evolution…

  *   *   *   *

And I am pleased to share that Dave is working on the designs for the water wheel and parts of the Space Clearing, so that it will be simple for anyone (non-alchemists but also those who can do the alchemy but prefer to not have pieces that can be disrupted by children or pets) to set it up and receive continual (daily around the clock) clearing and blessings. The Water wheels and power sigils, combined with the elite shungite have the following effect:

Problem: – Water pushed through pipes become dead water. It loses its spiraling force that is its life-force. And this strips water of awareness particles.  In addition, 5G depletes the oxygen in water (and in the air).  So the water that most people drink is dead water (leaving the toxicity aside for now).

While the Urusak Water device enlivens water, it is much more designed to activate all the fluids as messengers of Infinite Intent, and as substances to evolve the body. But if water starts out dead, it can’t be totally revived in the Urusak. And that is why more alchemy was needed.

Water wheel puts the spiral back into the water, where it enters a person’s home, and the elite shungite works with the wheel to oxygenate the water. A power sigil then works with L P G, to restores the awareness particles to the water, so that it remembers its mission to enhance life. The water stripped of awareness particles forgot its function!  All this can be used standalone, and water devices to clear pollutants from water are still valid, but now the water is alive and remembers to enhance life and bring vitality.   And the Urusak is then used for those who want to go further and create water that greatly enhances vitality and supports accelerated evolution and awakening. And this makes all fluids in the body remember their functions, and by proxy, enlivens all fluids on Earth and in the Cosmos….and there will eventually only be flows of Infinite Intent in a New Reality where the unreal is no more…

  *   *   *   *   *

Many have asked about whether they can source their own gemstones for the Space Clearing process, and what they may need. I am still expecting another power sigil or something from Almine to support this, and we shall see. I will say yes, but we may need to do some extra for that.

I just did a call with Troy who was wondering about this and what he may need, and he was fine to have it recorded and shared.

Below is also a list of what you will need.


  • For those sourcing their own gemstones, know that the elite shungite will be at least double if not much four times more than what I charge. Someone got a quote on a kilo piece at 4000 euros, and I sell it for US$400.  So that is a significant difference,and that seems to be the norm for the larger pieces.
  • Whether you get it from me or elsewhere, you will need to get all the power sigils and stacks from me, and the process itself. I still have to write up the PDFs, and appreciate your patience!

Here is the video–szReRq5S3pXXb-Zlrzu6rRBkOUuhiXbuw361GyEt9W4z.WdOWtf8Kym7Pe4kK?autoplay=true

The Materials in the Space Clearing Protocol

4-Corners Setup

  • 4 selenite sticks (about 10-14 inches)
  • 4 pieces of amber (can be rough) and one amber (can be polished) for meditation
  • 4 pieces of black tourmaline (rough) and one for meditation (can be polished)
  • 4 pieces of elite shungite (about 80 grams or more total)

All come with power stacks or sigils.

Main Guardianship power stack with quartz sphere on it to amplify. Two other stacks with quartz cluster to amplify – one for Purity, the other for Clarity.

Harmonizing elite shungite wand-shaped piece, and selenite wand or stick.  This is done before the daily or nightly ritual to clear the body and have fem and masc in dynamic balance, so that you can be the ‘bridge’ between formlessness and form.

Elite shungite pieces and power stacks, for all your devices, and one for the fridge, one for electrical box too. Devices are points of vulnerability or infiltration that need to be shut down.

Elite shungite piece and power stack for pillow case to protect at night, and to carry in your pocket or purse during the day.

Large elite piece (on a selenite plate preferably) for the main living space. (I have a large selenite plate with with a selenite sphere and chunk of elite shungite at my entrance. The two stones have been calibrated by Almine to harmonize and enhance one another, as the feminine and masculine do in dynamic balance. I feel this as a powerful combination.)

Selenite sphere – has been upgraded to do its job. It absorbs hostile waveforms.


The above are the basics of the space clearing protocol. More can be added, and I will have details in the product materials.

Many have asked me for kits or more things after ordering kits. Please be patient as I am going flat out right now and can’t answer all the emails in a timely manner. Send emails, but expect delays in answering. I will get through it all in time.  it’s just very labor intensive, and I need to spend time on the written materials too.

With Love and Great Hope in Possibilities of High Alchemy!

~ Anita

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