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Space Clearing Protocol – Exciting Update – Logistics/Materials

I am very excited to share that Almine has just blessed the whole Space Clearing process and has activated all the gemstones used in the protocol. We have a new power sigil for the Elite Shungite and Almine received the following: Transmission from the Guardian of Shungite: “Eons ago I seeded the first rock beds […]

Rose Quartz Kit for Clearing Trauma and Activating the Fluid Body as an Expression of Your True Divinity

Dear Ones I am ready to start shipping the Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs (for women) and dedicated Hearts (for men) kit with alchemical wheels and FA oils. The kit as listed below is for the full 28-day program, but I am offering a one week activation in December, as I feel it important to dissolve […]

New Alchemical Blessings from Almine, on the Rose Quartz Tool and Next Phase of the Program

Dear Ones I am so thrilled to share that  incredible, precious upgrades have been done to the Rose Quartz kits (roller, guasha hearts, and mushrooms) –these emerged from the work on phase 2 of the Regeneration program!   I will send some details out on upgrades in a separate email.  In this post, I’d like to […]

Emotional Alchemy Program Starting June 11th!

Dear Ones This has been the most challenging program to offer!  I planned to start it months ago, but as soon as I committed to it so much more poured in by way of revelation, that it made the context so much bigger each time and I had to adjust things. While the context is […]

EMF Protection Support ~ Products and Practices

 “The EMF Products are really going to be needed soon, once many more cell towers start going up.” Almine We have many tools, and if you need to place orders, please do so!  You can email me directly if that is easier. These are all the things we have that address this directly: EMF Bath […]