Three Magical Brain Centers to Activate the Pineal Gland and End Linear Time


    We are told that man once had the most powerful magic that exists, something that was forgotten when the three brain areas became dormant, namely namely, Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area and the planum temporale. (1)

    Frequencies are missing and are unexpressed because of the dormant brain centers. And as these centers became unused, the trace minerals that they used became lost, and twelve frequencies went missing from the pineal gland, causing it to impose its will on life rather than open as the gateway of Divine Will.

    When these brain centers are healed, the pineal will become the ‘white magician’ that surrenders wholly to Divine Intent, and magic becomes a way of life.

    In the video we work with aphorisms to restore the missing frequencies.  This closes down linear time, allowing us to enter into the timeless eternal moment–the place of power, and innocence of the permeating presence of the Inner Child. Also included is an audio of practices to open to the magical perspective, gathered from Almine’s (2) vast body of work.

    (1) Beyond Mortality, online course by Almine.

    (2) Almine is a great Mystic and Seer–explore her work at