Tones of Confident Self-Expression To Awaken the Boldness of the Inner Adventurer


    Tones of Confident Self-Expression need to be present in order to live the Inner Adventure sub-personality that brings potency to all that we do.

    As we move into inner space, we need the confidence to embrace the adventure of life without familiar reference points.

    In shaping a self-sovereign reality, vitality is ours when we boldly go beyond comfort zones and break through past limitation. In this way resources to manifest our true dreams are there to support us to excel.  With the full song of Confident Self-Expression, we become an unstoppable and compelling force to move with life ever new, at our evolutionary edge.

    This product has 4 videos with the tones of 96 Confident Self-Expression, to foster boldness and virtuosity.

    It is time to shine forth your light, without holding back.

    The tones of Confident Self-Expression are the original work of the Seer Almine,