The Four Sub-Personas of Evolved Awareness (Inner Family)


In this series of 4 videos, you are led to experience the 4 sub-personas that develop when the directions collapse and the inner psyche (Inner Family) becomes a unified field. Outer and inner space are then experienced indivisibly. Without a gap between cause and effect, a life of miraculous unfolding opens up.

The 4 sup-personas of evolved consciousness are:

  • The Inner Child & the Inner Babe
  • The Inner Nurturer & the Wild Woman
  • The Inner Sage & the High Mind
  • The Inner Warrior & the Inner Adventurer

Product includes a table of correspondences for the subpersonalities and the power wheel of Dynamic Balance of the subpersonalities.

The Subpersonalities of the Inner Family are the original work of the Seer Almine,