The 13 Insights and 144 Tones of the Joints ~ Fluidity in Joints to Manifest a Higher Life Through Refined Perspectives


    There are 13 main joints in the body, which can awaken as centers of flexibility–‘portals of transcendence‘ that enable us to move through life with grace and mastery. Each joint has a specific ‘intelligence’ and insight to unlock that intelligence that supports us to embrace life without resistance.

    Unlocking the joints has very practical applications (for those with stiff joints), as well as deeper effects, namely, to open up expression such that you are no longer trapped in a flatland reality of aging and decay. Beyond that illusory reality is one of self-regeneration and endless vitality.

    Mastering fluidity in embodiment is critical at this time, in being able to manifest a self-sovereign life, and the joints are foundational in this. 

    What you receive in this product:

    1. A set of 7 audio meditations with the tones of the joint pairs (6 + 1 for the neck joint) to support becoming the paradox
    2. 3 Adobe PDF files (downloadable).
    3. A Sound elixir that eases the tension between the masculine and feminine that can be used for the Mindfulness exercise (downloadable).
    4. An audio meditation to clear the blocks of the 13 joints
    5. An audio meditation to be done nightly, activating them to higher intelligence with the 13 Goddess Wheels (received by Almine*)


    * The 13 Insights of the Joints and alchemical wheels is the original work of the great Seer, Almine,