Thursday Oct 25th – Living the 5 Elements ~ Evolution of Love

Sky Blue Field  ~ (Day 252 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 65 in the Sky Blue Light)

In yesterday’s message we discussed how compassion is an attitude or state of being in relationship that is still in separation.  Divine Compassion–one of the 12 Heart energies (1)–is a higher form of compassion that emerges from being home for the Self. This type of love comes from wholeness, so that we are not depleting ourselves with others and thereby causing enmeshment.

The respectful and loving interaction of the inner sub-personalities so that we might have emotional self-sovereignty. (Divine Compassion Principle #11 (2))

When we are not home for ourselves,  then love and compassion come from unwholeness, and so with strings attached. Love and compassion are then based on fulfilling one another’s needs and short-comings.(3)  In such enmeshment, we compromise ourselves and no longer can express authentically.  And it is in our ability to express the fullness and highest truth emerging in the moment that we become our own source of sustenance. (3)

There is only one true relationship in existence: that of yourself with the Source of your existence. All else is but an expression of the One Being. The exclusive and need-based earthly love manifests as sub-atomic particles devoid of the perception component. The incomplete particles act like a pollutant, an intoxicant that disturbs the clarity and poise of a Master, preventing the intimate Oneness with his or her Source. (Divine Compassion Principle #8 (3))

Very recently Almine discovered that she no longer had Heart energies…so is no longer emanating Divine Compassion.  What can that mean?

We’ve been operating in the atomic structure (where light and frequency were split), with an inability to bridge our deeper awareness of our indivisibility with the One. Because of this, we received Heart energies so that we could function in the ‘grid’ and still resonate and attract those of same light and frequency.  But as we begin to actively live from the 5 elements, we first bring the fields of the atomic grid into balance, and then expand awareness in the Field of the One (all awareness) and the Field of Consciousness. So we expand our awareness beyond the atomic reality, so that we are no longer trapped in it.  Divine Compassion is the energy to balance life in the atomic fields….beyond it there is only the Self, and all relationship is self-relationship.

Almine has recently stated that how life in the atomic incubation chamber has served was to develop a self-loving relationship with the Self.  Beyond compassion that sees another as separate, beyond Divine Compassion that interacts with others in harmlessness from a fully harmonious Inner Family, is Divine Love that emanates from the midriff area–a deeper form of love that is our essence.

In Altantean angel insights, we are told that Love as an emotion felt by the heart, belongs to a lesser consciousness. Divine love is a higher form of love that establishes the full communication between body and soul or masculine and feminine.  Divine Love is a language of integrated oneness such that there is only the Infinite.  Tomorrow we will look at what the angels share about this–their insights are most timely as they activate the 5-element powers in us.

For today, continuing on yesterday’s practice of just being without trying to be any certain way, hold back in outward showing of compassion. Let your compassion for another be silent and felt inwardly. You may feel it was not so real or you may feel it even stronger…just pay attention. Allow the observer self to emerge more holding back allows something deeper to awaken…

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Use the Sacred Space oil, under the feet.
  • Apply Desert Dawn and Distant Horizons on the right temple (7th field/IA)
  • For the exercise with the BC:  Song of the High heart on the thymus, and Lotus oil 2 inches above the navel, and Rose oil between the eyebrows. Or you may wish to emphasize the feminine qualities with Almine’s Secret Garden-2 above the navel and Lily on the 3rd eye point.
  • Apply the 5 Element oils if you have them. 

Rune Support

(1) Gifted by the Mother, these energies always exceed our light quotient, in order to ensure that we attract those in resonance with us. Belvaspata (Volume 1)Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,
(2) From the 15 Principles of Divine Compassion that activate the 15-pointed star at the Heart. Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,
(3) From the 8 Principles of Divine Compassion (of godhood) – Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,


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