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Emotional Alchemy Program Starting June 11th!

Dear Ones This has been the most challenging program to offer!  I planned to start it months ago, but as soon as I committed to it so much more poured in by way of revelation, that it made the context so much bigger each time and I had to adjust things. While the context is […]

Monday June 3rd ~ Emotional Alchemy ~ Exercise to Recognize and Ignite a Higher Reality

Vivid Sky Blue ~ (Day 119 on the Cosmic Time Map) We have looked at ways to process emotion, but every exercise provides a unique approach that can bring fresh new insights and deeper release. Fulfilling our True Desires through Self-Recognition (Extracted from Whole Being Flourishing…) Distorted emotions  have cut us off from the true emotions […]

Friday April 26th ~ Creating Mini-Platforms to Be Impervious to the Destructuring World (Silent Retreat)

Emerald Green ~ (Day 81 on the Cosmic Time Map) In the Field of the One, we create the movement in life, as well as establish the space for our expression–in other words, we create our own reality within the limitless vastness that we are. This is especially necessary to do now, in order to remain […]

Saturday March 2nd – Earth Element ~ The Song of Uniqueness Within Diversity

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 26 on the Cosmic Time Map) We will move through various aspects of the elements over the next few weeks, and also deepen in the Principles of Wholesomeness, as there have been requests for both. Today we explore the Earth element of the Field of the Material. This is the first […]

Thursday February 21st – Activating the 5 Elements – Becoming the Cauldron for the Alchemy of Embodied Power

Magenta ~ (Day 17 on the Cosmic Time Map) There is nothing outside of the 5 elements and the leveraged power from them, and so when we live them, we become what we are, and no longer muck about in the mirrors of what we are not. Then the journey is one of graceful filling out our […]

Wednesday February 20th – Activating the 5 Elements as Powers of Alchemy

Magenta ~ (Day 16 on the Cosmic Time Map) Today we will do a call with a meditation through the 5 elements. If you wish come with an issue or theme in your life that you want to hold in a new way. I will be setting up the space as an alchemical cauldron to support our […]

Tuesday February 19th – Play with Emotions Lightly after leaving them behind

Magenta ~ (Day 15 on the Cosmic Time Map) Moving lightly through life, free from emotions and thinking we know, we are able to experience life at any level without being trapped by it. (1) This enables us to remain centered and home for ourselves, and from that still point we can practice resonant listening. (2) In […]

Saturday Oct 27th – Living the 5 Elements ~ Leaving Behind the Sub-created reality

Sky Blue Field  ~ (Day 254 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 67 in the Sky Blue Light) The lower form of (possessive) love produces hormones that are said to be sticky and binding. Divine Compassion that is an evolutionary step beyond, produces higher hormones that no longer bind to a lower reality. And […]

Thursday Oct 25th – Living the 5 Elements ~ Evolution of Love

Sky Blue Field  ~ (Day 252 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 65 in the Sky Blue Light) In yesterday’s message we discussed how compassion is an attitude or state of being in relationship that is still in separation.  Divine Compassion–one of the 12 Heart energies (1)–is a higher form of compassion that emerges […]

Wednesday August 1st ~ Meridian Series – Insights of Harmlessness -Decisions of Empowerment (Large Intestine Meridian)

Emerald Field  ~ (Day 167 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 53 in the Emerald Green Light) Decisions of Empowerment (1) The 12 tones of harmlessness are necessary to be lived, in order that we step out of a life of opposites. At a retreat in 2014 when these came out, Almine said that […]