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Saturday March 2nd – Earth Element ~ The Song of Uniqueness Within Diversity

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 26 on the Cosmic Time Map) We will move through various aspects of the elements over the next few weeks, and also deepen in the Principles of Wholesomeness, as there have been requests for both. Today we explore the Earth element of the Field of the Material. This is the first […]

Tuesday February 26th – Living from the Omniscience of Being an Open Channel of Infinite Intent

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 22 on the Cosmic Time Map) In the weekend webinar where the Hidden Realms shared with us how to build a New Earth (1), the Fauns told us that what needs to be lived in order to make them an expression rather than a reflection is the omniscience of being an open channel […]

Thursday February 21st – Activating the 5 Elements – Becoming the Cauldron for the Alchemy of Embodied Power

Magenta ~ (Day 17 on the Cosmic Time Map) There is nothing outside of the 5 elements and the leveraged power from them, and so when we live them, we become what we are, and no longer muck about in the mirrors of what we are not. Then the journey is one of graceful filling out our […]

Wednesday February 20th – Activating the 5 Elements as Powers of Alchemy

Magenta ~ (Day 16 on the Cosmic Time Map) Today we will do a call with a meditation through the 5 elements. If you wish come with an issue or theme in your life that you want to hold in a new way. I will be setting up the space as an alchemical cauldron to support our […]

Saturday January 19th ~ The Art of Questioning

White Light Field  ~ (Day 338 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 79 in the White Light) Retreats are always jam-packed with themes that are not always elaborated upon, but each one deserves full attention! At the December retreat Almine touched on the Art of Questioning, and how it would be very very important […]

Thursday Oct 25th – Living the 5 Elements ~ Evolution of Love

Sky Blue Field  ~ (Day 252 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 65 in the Sky Blue Light) In yesterday’s message we discussed how compassion is an attitude or state of being in relationship that is still in separation.  Divine Compassion–one of the 12 Heart energies (1)–is a higher form of compassion that emerges […]