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New Fragrance Alchemy Oils!!

Very happy to have these new and powerful oils! Earth Angels — an exquisite new blend…nothing like the others…earthy but very light at the same time…I’m trying to find out what’s in it… Eternal Mind – Shipping will be delayed, as we have clear instructions that it cannot be applied before the Summer Solstice… The […]

New Alchemical Blessings from Almine, on the Rose Quartz Tool and Next Phase of the Program

Dear Ones I am so thrilled to share that  incredible, precious upgrades have been done to the Rose Quartz kits (roller, guasha hearts, and mushrooms) –these emerged from the work on phase 2 of the Regeneration program!   I will send some details out on upgrades in a separate email.  In this post, I’d like to […]

Sunday May 10th 2020 ~ Monumental Cosmic Shifts

Map of Potentials Day 114 – Amber- The Tone of Explorative Omniscience (1) As if the reality timeline shift wherein AI was no longer in the future were not enough of a blessing, Almine revealed the demise and massive cleanup of the shadow government on May 8th!!  I guess they go together, and we may […]

Monday June 3rd ~ Emotional Alchemy ~ Exercise to Recognize and Ignite a Higher Reality

Vivid Sky Blue ~ (Day 119 on the Cosmic Time Map) We have looked at ways to process emotion, but every exercise provides a unique approach that can bring fresh new insights and deeper release. Fulfilling our True Desires through Self-Recognition (Extracted from Whole Being Flourishing…) Distorted emotions  have cut us off from the true emotions […]

Friday April 26th ~ Creating Mini-Platforms to Be Impervious to the Destructuring World (Silent Retreat)

Emerald Green ~ (Day 81 on the Cosmic Time Map) In the Field of the One, we create the movement in life, as well as establish the space for our expression–in other words, we create our own reality within the limitless vastness that we are. This is especially necessary to do now, in order to remain […]

Wednesday March 27th, Vitalizing our Manifestation from the Receding Horizon

Golden Yellow ~ (Day 51 on the Cosmic Time Map) We have been preparing all along for this next big leap into ‘the big leagues’ as Almine has described it. At each step we thought we understood what was going on, only to find we had to change ‘on a dime’. When the directive changes…when higher […]

Monday March 25th, The Clear Heart of Harmlessness

Golden Yellow ~ (Day 49 on the Cosmic Time Map) We have been in a “2” day since Friday–and will continue into tomorrow, which will make it a 5-day run. We have been in A-2 for 2 days, D-2 for 2 days, and tomorrow we bring forward what we gathered in the I-2 day. All […]

Saturday March 2nd – Earth Element ~ The Song of Uniqueness Within Diversity

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 26 on the Cosmic Time Map) We will move through various aspects of the elements over the next few weeks, and also deepen in the Principles of Wholesomeness, as there have been requests for both. Today we explore the Earth element of the Field of the Material. This is the first […]

Thursday February 28th – New Energy Sources from Inspired Hope-filled Living

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 24 on the Cosmic Time Map) In leaving the reality of polarity behind, we need to establish a new energy source that does not come from the tension of opposites. “Here is where our new energy source comes from. To see something extraordinary everyday, in the face of a rose. See […]