Thursday February 21st – Activating the 5 Elements – Becoming the Cauldron for the Alchemy of Embodied Power

Magenta ~ (Day 17 on the Cosmic Time Map)

There is nothing outside of the 5 elements and the leveraged power from them, and so when we live them, we become what we are, and no longer muck about in the mirrors of what we are not. Then the journey is one of graceful filling out our true and full expression, and life becomes increasingly imbued with the Presence of the One.

Sweep now Space, for sacred it is, the benevolent playground of the Holy One.

As you live only from deeply felt intuition (Earth), pure emotions in response to the inner stirrings (Water), unwavering hope that seeds potential (Fire), willingness to fulfill the moment’s alchemical possibilities (Wind/Metal), and the boldness of leaving all reference points behind to ‘chase’ the adventure of the receding horizon that takes you beyond existing paradigms (Aether/Wood), you become the Seer Stone for the Holy One…the conduit of new riches into the world…the one who seeds potentials through hope…the ‘sweeper of space’ that establishes a holy playground…and the one who resurrects life through the Song of Self. (Aether, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth, respectively).

Living the 5 elements turns the ‘tyrants into tools’ (2), and life becomes a grand adventure of endless possibilities.

Beyond the cooperative harmony of the three fields (Material, Causal, and Intent) (3-centers alignment), is the state where “the structure of the combined field of existence dissolves into that which fluidly provides perspective of the Infinite’s expression.”(3) That is where we are headed in the Field of the One, and each of the elements has a distinct role in leveraging the power to get there and operate from there.

For today, feel into the 5 elements as emerging powers in you. Pause during the day and feel the moment–sense how you can refine and enrich it through engaging through all 5 ‘lenses’.

  • (1) Seep Space is from the Altantean Angels, Almine, LLC Spritual Journeys,
  • (2) Tyrants of spirit, soul, body in the distorted mirrors.
  • (3) Angel 82, from The Book of Atlantean Angels.

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