Dear Ones, a most joyous welcome to the free resources on Adventures in Boundlessness!

Very excited that you are here with me to embark on the most extraordinary voyage of self-exploration imaginable!  While you are being an observer at present, rather than full participant, I hope that what I share with you inspires you in some way.

If you are drawn to this platform, it may well be because you are a powerful and Luminous Being who is feeling compelled to the new reality that is calling.  You may be done with the old way of doing things, done with trying to “fit in” to a world that just doesn’t feel right or inspire, and are ready to awaken to your true divine heritage.

You could not be in a better place – I am profoundly privileged to have this opportunity to walk with the many participants of AiB, towards the glorious future that awaits all of existence as we each step into our fullest and grandest potential. This is beyond being a change maker or lightworker in the old sense, it is about stepping up to who you really are and stepping out of what you have known up to now–what you are not and ever were.

The Seer Almine, likens it to being a potter making clay pots…your have caked yourself in clay and forgot that you were the potter and not the pot.

It is said that if you cannot find your place in an existing reality, it’s because a new one beckons – and that is precisely what is being explored through this platform. As we embrace the new, so we evolve our bodies and expand consciousness–the two are one.

Through this platform I bring you years of deep metaphysical exploration and experience as a healer, bolstered by the incomparable work, materials and tools of the Mystic and Seer Almine, for the purpose of manifesting a life of High Magic – mastering space and time to live beyond all cosmic matrices in a reality of boundless and limitless possibility.

I am steeped in Almine’s body of work and refer to it throughout this platform. Her vast body of work is incomparable in its purpose of assisting with this large quest of leaping out of a dream of separation that we have been in for eons, and for that reason 10% of the proceeds of this venture go directly to Almine for her contribution. Some of you may be unfamiliar with Almine, and while some familiarity is assumed, I welcome those new to her work who feel the pull.  Feel free to ask any questions to fill in gaps of understanding should you have them. You may ask in the AiB FB group, or via private email (

I realize that each of you browsing or eventually joining,  are at  different levels and stages of awakening and so will  different objectives. Some of you may simply wish to improve your quality of life, whereas some are more directly concerned with establishing on the cutting edge of evolution. Wherever you are on the journey please know that it is perfect. Each plays a role in the grand symphony of unfolding life. Just know that we are at the most monumental leap in consciousness that blow all prior paradigms of reality to smithereens! This is why having daily support to grasp the changes that everyone will be subject to in 2020, may be the best thing you could give yourself.  But it is a deep journey, and I don’t hold back.

If this is not for you at present, you may explore the free content on some of pages, including simple audio meditations.

There are also many audio and video products and programs on the AiB Shop to choose from, and I’d be happy to suggest what may best suit if you wish. And if you would like a personal consult, please free to email me and we can see what may best support you.

For example, together with another master-healer colleague, I offer a platform for weekly healing support–a simple stream and a stream for those who wish to be more actively engaged in their healing. This is on Whole Being Flourishing.

Where we are Headed in Evolution…

We are exiting the dream of separation that has been under the law of compensation, and entering a reality where we become our own source of sustenance. In this reality, the ‘flows of Source’ animate through us on our full, unique, unprogrammed expression. The Flows of Source are the extraordinary meridians. We manifest our very own reality through creating a space of expression from harmonizing 3 realities that we live from whether we are aware of it or not. These correspond to the 3 dantien centers of Head, Heart, and Gut. When these 3 centers express harmoniously and are in communication, we manage to create our very own ‘space of expression’ that is impervious to influences from the collective.

There is so much more to creating our very own reality in the holographic universe, which takes us to mastering the binary codes of mind, the meridian system, and the new system of the 5 elements. Everything is changing in 2020, even the timing of the meridian clock (Horary clock), and syncing up to these changes will mean the difference between following a dying world to aligning with the new reality emerging!

The Big Reset of 2020

My big focus in 2019 was on embodying the higher powers of the unified meridian system and the 5 elements, in order to live from a reality completely outside of polarity and the law of compensation.  This takes us even beyond the atomic reality, into pure awareness, where we realize ourselves to be the source of our sustenance as we deepen in coming home to the Self.

My efforts in 2020 are on developing materials for the School of the Gods, and truly mastering the tools of co-creation and understanding the true secrets of manifesting an inspired life, on the holographic screen that is our own virtual reality!   My focus is on ‘boots on the ground’, practical maps and methods to apply the many secrets being uncovered. Regeneration of life and body, emotional alchemy and unleashing the magical child, alchemical Feng Shui, and the magical life from the nitty-gritty of how to build a hologram that is perfectly in sync with your unique desires, are themes we will be exploring.

The remarkable power of the  Runes of the Infinite Mother – another tool which is Almine’s original work – is also tapped into.  I am co-founder (with Dave Reedjik) of the Rune Mastery Environment (visit Anutiama)  and you will have daily opportunity to explore a spread. I was initiated by the seer Almine herself, as one of the placeholders of the Runes worldwide.  If you wish, there is opportunity to train with me, and I’ve created a Rune Mastery Program for this purpose.

Ultimately, all that I share through this platform is what I am immersed in, in my quest to full liberation into a life of miracles. It is an honor and a privilege to have you joining, as we set sail together on the voyage of the ages – the journey of uncovering and expressing our True Selves, so that we might play the most glorious role in establishing a higher reality here on Earth!

In Devotion to our Rapturous Awakening,



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