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Below is the first part of the 12 ordinary meridians information.

Part two  (accessible only to members of AiB) may be accessed here:  The Higher Functions of the 12 Ordinary Meridians

Ordinary Meridians have been Storehouses of Karma

The 12 Ordinary Meridians (abbreviated OMs) are the rivers of our life that we journey upon.  They have been described as “rivers of filth” due to the polluting emotions and memories that bind up to illusion and repetitive karmic cycles.

The 12 OMs operate in the reality of form–they flow awareness and power for life in the physical world, but on four fields of hamsterwheelthe physical body, emotional (soul) body, mental body (lower spirit), and spiritual body. When we are not self-aware, we amass karma on each level, where karma refers to unresolved things that tie up our resources–essentially whatever we have not resolved and still lingers in us as blockages in the meridians. These blockages trap our consciousness and will trip us up along the way to get our attention–often causing us to play out the same issues in life over and over, albeit with different players and scenarios. The great thing is that the moment the higher insight is had and the block is released, repetition stops because it becomes unnecessary–life is infinitely efficient and wholly supportive.

The four levels of karma trapped in the ordinary meridians are broadly categorized as follows:

  1. The Field of War and Anger (physical level) ~ holds ‘karma’ from the physical level of life—from our actions on life and others that we have not resolved in ourselves.
  2. The Valley of Fear (emotional/soul level) ~ the soul ‘karma’ from our emotional life. Records of regrets and grudges over perceived emotional injury, and emotional pain that has not yet yielded its insights.
  3. The Valley of Tears (mental level) ~ the lower spirit karma from our everyday thoughts and intentions. All the ‘if onlys’ are stored here, and they pull in scenarios to play life in new ways in the here and now.
  4. The Field of Guilt (Hopelessness and Despair) (spirit level), that holds the higher spirit karma from the causal level. All the ‘what ifs’ are held here, which create ‘parallel tracks’ that interfere with and undermine our lives.

These four levels correspond to the four directions of South, East, West, and North, respectively.

What meridian blockages look like physically is pain, disease (in any part of the body), rigidity in body, decay (including tooth decay), and aging. At the emotional level we have reactivity, emotional triggering, co-dependence, neediness, and a host of negative emotions that can plague us for our whole lifetime. Mentally we may be stuck in coping and defense patterns, rigid belief systems, being dogmatic, noisy mind, sloppy thinking, or plagued with regret. Spiritual blockages play out as guilt, ‘shoulds’, ‘what ifs’, unworthiness, judgment, etc.

Flow in the 12 Ordinary Meridians Gives Us Power and Resources to Manifest a Life

The flow through the 12 OMs gives us ‘energy’ (Chi or Qi)–nourishment at all four levels of being. There are many types of chi–the more common ones are nutritional, constitutional, sexual/manifesting potency, ancestral energy, immunity power; others are less known, like inspirational power, power to shed the obsolete, power to dissolve illusion, power of resonance, and more.

When we are free of emotional baggage and mental/spiritual programs, then the meridian energy flows powerfully through the body, and we have heightened awareness and good vitality and power for life. There is no limit to the power that can flow through the cleared meridian system once the 8 extraordinary meridians are activated and being fully engaged. So there is no upper limit to consciousness and vital power to manifest an extraordinary life! The body evolves to becoming a vessel capable of impacting more and more of reality around us, in measure as our consciousness expands in alignment to divine intent. And the hormones refine and attune us to higher orders of reality in the process, to the point where stress and death hormones and frequencies no longer exist in us. We explore more of this on the page for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy–for now, we will stick to the 12 OMs, as there is plenty to keep us busy in this system.

As mentioned above, each meridian operates on four levels of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These levels represent the four directions (South, West, East, North) as well as four aspects of the psyche (Inner Nurturer, Inner Child, Inner Sage, and Inner Warrior). Depending on how a meridian may be blocked, emotional distortion will be experienced in specific ways.

The four directions are expressed within each meridian, as each meridian produces four different perspectives that appear as an emphasis in each person’s life—when blocked, these express as specific emotional distortion.

12 OM sigil emo sheet

For example, a blocked Lung meridian, which deals with expression, produces for main distorted emotions: grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness. A blockage in the lung meridian would produce grief for one person and intolerance in another person, and so forth. When the origin of dysfunction is physical or through the Inner Nurturergrief may predominate; whereas if the dysfunction is from the emotional level or the needy Inner Child, then intolerance would be expressed. Similarly, when the Inner Sage is the origin of the blockage in the lung, the main emotional charge would be frustration, and if the Inner Warrior is suppressed, then bitterness would result.

To make this more understandable, a person would be bitter over apparent injustice in life, feeling controlled and unable to express, for example, when they have not awoken the power of their Inner Warrior aspect of the psyche, to guard boundaries of self-sovereignty and express these needs. The perspective that each person adopts is based on the emphases of the qualities of a specific direction in his or her life.

So each meridian has four main emotions, and together, the ordinary meridian system has 48 main emotional distortions that have trapped precious resources. In Chinese teachings,

Meridian blockage = Pain
Prolonged pain => Disease

Esoterically, meridian blockage is feeding a sub-creation where resources keep dwindling, and aging and death are inevitable.

Clearing the emotions and unleashing the gems of power that were trapped in the density vitalizes body and life, and as the flows of Source (8 EMs) kick in, we move along a path of upward body evolution. The first step is to break the spell of false emotions, and find true emotional expression from all the hidden gems within our DNA.

Since each meridian produces specific emotions when blocked at a certain level,  it becomes  possible to fine-tune meridian clearing by zeroing in on the emotions. The Fragrance Alchemy oils for each meridian are at a specific frequency and contain the vibrational tones to entrain a meridian to its higher functioning. This first level of their power is to clear distortions, and later to evolve the meridian to higher expression–again, there is no upper limit to the evolution possible.

You can understand the function of each meridian to your overall consciousness by understanding what has been suppressed in expression that is causing the distorted perception of reality and the particular negative emotion. So for each negative emotion, there is a trapped power hidden in the density, which becomes a gem of power when the emotion is released and higher insight is gained. This is explored in the meridian program, The Radiant Powers–Unleashing Gems of Consciousness The information below gives you a good picture of what becomes possible with meridian clearing with the powerful FA blends.

In a nutshell:

  • The extraordinary meridians are cause or the Creators of life that flow Infinite Intent as seed-potentials and supportive resources, while the ordinary meridians create the ‘space’ for manifestation to enable those seeds to birth–through them, we take up the potentials to make them actualized in form. 
  • When the ordinary meridians are blocked and stuck in lower emotions (i.e. separation), we cannot manifest in alignment with Infinite Intent, and so cannot receive from Source.
  • When the ordinary meridians flow clearly, they receive all support from the extraordinary meridians of limitlessness, and become the Rivers of Infinite Intent through life.

Impact on Consciousness of Blocked Versus Healthy Flow in the 12 Meridians

Below is a  brief run through the blocked meridian versus the meridian that flows well, and its impact to your life. We will leave the physical level out for now, as we are focused on the emotional level, which is the biggest contributor to flow in the ordinary meridian system and health of the body’s main organs. This is because the physical blockages originate in the emotional/mental levels–so dealing with the root cause is necessary in order to dissolve blockage rather than simply moving it around in the body.

For each meridian, there is a short clip that you can play, to get acquainted with the meridian flow. If you are blocked in a meridian, you may wish to trace the meridian with your hand. If it is a distortion expressed, you can trace it against the flow, and if it’s a distortion by suppression, you trace it going with its flow. 

If you recognize patterns in yourself from the list, the associated FA oil would be a good one for you to use for awhile. Using the full 12-FA-oil kit is always best, as the whole meridian system is then evolved to its next level of expression. Beyond the positives listed below, is a greater level still, wherein the meridians function to manifest Divine Intent and our power for life knows no bounds. Associated FA oils for each of the 12 OMs are listed in the section on the horary clock.

This run-through is very brief, and meant to be useful as a quick reference and reminder of the powers that these meridians bring to your ability to manifest.  It is extremely useful to know them well, and to recognize the transmutation of the negative emotions so that these powers can emerge. The 12 tones or higher powers of the meridians form an alchemical equation that produced the leveraged power to being able to be the ‘womb of fluid manifestation of Infinite Intent’. When all 12 powers are lived, then the body becomes the vessel of high magic to birth new realities.

When you achieve that leveraged alchemy, then the 12 OMs become deeply receptive to the flows of Source, namely, the 8 extraordinary meridians of ’cause’, and you become the central expresser and cause of your whole reality.

Following the list are references to posts on each of the meridians. The posts are full of important insights and processing exercises that will help you to really explore and ignite the powers you are gifted with the manifest effectively, in cooperation with Divine Intent.  Your highest destiny awaits you!

  1. A blocked Lung (Lu) meridian suppresses expression, whereas healthy energy flow through the Lu meridian brings inspiration and inspired authentic expression. Inspiration and authenticity illuminate body and life, and is the ‘Breath of Source’ that animates all life.  Lung Meridian Video Clip 
  1. A blocked Large Intestine(LI) meridian causes us to hang on to things past their time of usefulness, and to lament the past–wishing we could change it. But the past is changed in the present moment well lived, which brings empowerment to embrace the new. Healthy flow in the LI meridian makes us receptive to the new, and able to purify through transmuting density. LI Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Stomach meridian (St) makes us timid to be ourselves–we try to fit in and be what others expect of us. Often holding shame and blame, we get stuck in who we are not. Good flow in the St meridian promotes self-determination, exploration of our uniqueness, and empowerment through inner alignment. Stomach Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Spleen meridian (Sp) wreaks havoc in the body. It causes us to live in anxiety and worry, at the mercy of mood swings that seem beyond our control. Flowing well, the Sp meridian opens us to the sweetness of life, to stable growth, feeling supported, and the ability to be spontaneous and renewed in each moment. It brings the capacity for omni-perspective perception, so that we operate from a much broader understanding of our impact. Spleen Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Heart meridian (Ht) is a very undesirable thing, because the Heart is the ‘Ruler’ of the body–so a blocked Heart meridian affects our state of being most profoundly. Blocked, we have joylessness and lose hope; we become emotionally needy and helpless. Power through the Ht meridian brings harmony and balance, we are home for ourselves, joyful/playful, and at the same time appropriate and have emotional freedom and equanimity. When the Heart is happy, we are fully self-supportive and all is well. Heart Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Small Intestine meridian (SI) causes overwhelm and sadness–we feel insecure and we shut down. When the energy is free-flowing we become ‘magical’–living life by resonance and serendipity! We are self-assured, open to abundant resources, and follow a path of measured expansion, where we are continually supported and supplied with what we have need of. SI Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Urinary Bladder meridian (UB) makes for a shallow and unsatisfying life. When UB energy flows we operate from a deeper place–rooted in the eternal self, we manifest what is real and has meaning for our soul, we are in harmony and comfortable with the journey through life. UB in full power youthens the body and opens us to interdimensional presence. UB Meridian Video Clip
  1. Blockage in the Kidney meridian (Ki) is also a serious thing, as the Ki meridian hold our manifestation potency (sexual power). When blocked we can be paralyzed in fear and indecision, whereas when expressive we are cause for the stable destructuring of what no longer serves. We are capable of laying our stake in the ground and claiming our life as our own to shape, and we live in the courage of self-examination. A strong Ki meridian promotes powerful creativity for life. Kidney Meridian Video Clip
  1. The Pericardium is called the “Heart’s Protector”–when blocked, it isolates the Heart and keeps people out; in the extreme it creates an impenetrable shield around the heart to avoid hurt. When energy flows well, the Pericardium (also known as Circulation-Sex meridian as it connects sexuality with the Heart’s love) brings flexibility, fluid perspective such that we no longer take thing as personal injury, but rather as challenges to show up for life in new ways. We then feel powerful in choosing our reality and direct experiences, and soon find we are free of illusion and deeply connected to the Source of our Existence. We start to manifest life in the ‘real’, where life is wholly benevolent and innocent. Pericardium Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Thyroid meridian (TH) causes us to experience meaninglessness and emptiness of life–we feel what’s the point, and can have suicidal thoughts in the extreme. Blocked TH meridian is stuck in habits, whereas when in the flow, it causes us to transcend habits and move into new territory, and open gracefully to the new. The TH meridian sets the pace of our evolution, and when blocked we are locked into a devolutionary cycle. TH in full healthy flow imparts hope, a feeling that we do indeed impact our reality through creative contribution, we open to the new with eagerness, and have courage to show up in new ways beyond the old fight/flight/freeze responses. TH is full expression brings fertility to our lives from empowered choices that dissolve habits and age-old programs. TH Meridian Video Clip (note the Thyroid meridian is also known as the Tripler Heater and Sanjiao)
  1. Blocked Gall Bladder meridian (GB) can lead one to be in self-importance, or to swing from rage to feeling impotent in life. GB power carries out the plan to manifest our vision–when blocked we lose that connection. In full power, GB energy clears the way so nothing is an obstacle; it imparts freedom to be, invincibility, and opens us to miracles through surrendered trust, where we cooperate with the moving forces of life rather than try to do things our way. It’s our ‘boots on the ground’ power—not by forcing the small will but rather by cooperating with the might of Source. Its power to connect to the magic brings lightness to our step, and we are able to find the humor in life whereas before all we could do was battle life. GB Meridian Video Clip
  1. A blocked Liver meridian (Liv) will make itself known by anger and feeling bogged down by limitations from the past. Liver meridian holds the grand vision and is the architect of our life (while partner Gall Bladder carries out the design steps). Liver is the power to follow inner impulse and dream of grand adventures for an extraordinary life. It embraces new beginnings and brings the courage and willingness to create a life beyond mortal boundaries. Eventually as we manifest a real environment that takes our breath away, rapture is experienced and life feels magical. Liver Meridian Video Clip

If you wish, see the Qi moving through the full meridian system, go to this youtube video: 12 Ordinary Meridian chi in action

Horary Clock of the 12 Ordinary Meridians

The body’s resources flow most powerfully to each of the meridians at certain times of the day, for a period of about 2 hours. This internal body clock is referred to as the Horary clock. When a meridian is blocked, the body’s resources are taxed in order to support chi flow through it, and the result is discomfort. This may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, or any combination of these. If you notice mood swings, depression, waking up, or pain at certain times of the day or night, then you will find that supporting meridian flow during those times can have a dramatic effect. The Horary Clock and associated emotions is depicted below.

organclockIt is not necessary to follow the Horary clock when using the FA protocols, but knowing about it can help you to understand a basic level of the body-emotional connection. The objective of fragrance alchemy, however, is not only to ameliorate emotional states, but more importantly to erase the traumatic memories held within the meridian system altogether. (And this clearing if the first level of FA’s infinite power). When these are erased, we become far more fluid and able to express from greater breadth and depth, past is transcended, and the higher perspectives that lead us to manifesting an extraordinary life are being lived.

  • Lung meridian:  Neroli. Optimum healing time is from 3 am to 5 am. Symptoms are grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness. For a brief description of the oil properties, see Oil Descriptions in the downloadable pdf.
  • Large Intestine meridian: Jasmine. Optimum healing time is from 5 am to 7 am. Symptoms are guilt, remorse, disappointment and opposition to change.
  • Stomach meridian: Sandalwood. Optimum healing time is from 7 am to 9 am. Symptoms are shame or blame, disgust and greed.
  • Spleen meridian: Goddess Blend (primary ingredient is fuchsia). Optimum healing time is from 9 am to 11 am. Symptoms are worry, anxiety about the future, self-destructiveness and mood swings.
  • Heart meridian: Rose. Optimum healing time is from 11 am to 1 pm. Symptoms are joylessness, pain, self-pity and neediness.
  • Small Intestine meridian: Lotus. Optimum healing time is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Symptoms are insecurity, sadness, feelings of abandonment and feeling unheard.
  • Bladder meridian: Flower of Saffron. Optimum healing time is from  3 pm to 5 pm. Symptoms are fright or shock, impatience, restlessness and feeling unfulfilled.
  • Kidney meridian: Narcissus. Optimum healing time is from 5 pm to 7 pm. Symptoms are fear, indecision, loss and injustice.
  • Circulation meridian: Henna.  Optimum healing time is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Symptoms are emotional injury, addiction, jealousy and regret.
  • Thyroid meridian: Oud Oil/God Blend. Optimum healing time is from  9 pm to 11 pm. Symptoms are suicidal tendencies, hopelessness, depression and despair.
  • Galbladder meridian: Patchouli. Optimum healing time is from 11pm to 1 am. Symptoms are rage, impotence, stagnation, stuckness and self-importance.
  • Liver meridian: Gardenia. Optimum healing time is from 1 am to 3 am. Protectiveness/need to save, anger, phobias (misdirected terror) and obsessiveness.


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