Alchemical Tools are tools that utilize the power of alchemy and alchemical leveraging to create leveraged results. Meaning that the results equate to more than the sum of individual parts, through the process of stacking various components–sometimes in  specific sequences. The tools are always used to peel back surface illusion and reveal underlying perfection, never to attempt to enforce one’s will on life. The latter will actually be ineffective – and is the reason why results may appear to be elusive for some, or be inconsistent.

Inconsistent results of efforts to manifest comes from lack of grasping how to manifest in alignment with life’s purpose in each moment, and from not understanding the tools of co-creation that are available, nor how to refined and wield them with effectiveness.

Once the tools and steps of manifestation are known, then we may co-create with the greatest power available, that is, with the Power of the One.

Becoming a portal through which the One Life moves our life is an alchemical process, as is manifestation with the One Life!

All this is explored in the daily posts in the Adventures in Boundlessness members area.



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