The 5 Elements are Perspectives or Lenses as Tools of Manifesting the Real

We are headed to a reality where High Alchemy is our life. This means that as we engage life in surrendered trust and willingness to participate fully with what is our highest to do and be in the daily situations, we are ‘cause’ of higher life, and our body evolves in tandem. Body and life become part of the alchemical equation that leverages power to change all life.

Since the power to change life belongs to Source, becoming a conduit of higher life means that we are completely surrendered to Infinite Intent and have released all small will.  And since life flowing from Source is ever new, we cannot possibly know what will flow through our being, and yet, we can feel it from deeper cognition.

The mind that needs to know, makes up stories because truly, life is unknowable and all potentials unfold as our consciousness shifts–so when we give up what we think we know, new and higher potentials unfold.   It is then that we are cause for higher life. 

This willingness on our part activates the extraordinary meridians—flows of cause and of Source—that continually feed the ordinary meridians, which may be viewed as the ‘rivers of our life’ that gestate the seeds of our Heart’s dreams.

When both meridian systems are cleared (12 + 8), the body becomes a cauldron of High Alchemy, and life unfolds with grace and effortless synchronicities.

In the process of this happening, rational mind dissolves and gives way to deeper cognitive mind that can hear the whispers of inspiration and guidance from non-cognitive depth. This deeper cognitive mind has 5 powerful aspects, which are the 5 elements.

The 5 elements cause us to become the lucid dreamer in our lives—able to fluidly participate in life’s unfoldment through attention, attitude, and perspective. They form an alchemical equation that is a ‘song’ of 5 tones, in a scale that can only produce tones harmonious to all of creation. As our song harmonizes with and enhances the symphony of creation, all that we do at the micro-cosmic level of our lives (i.e. how well we live our daily life) is woven into the Divine Cosmic Intent for all life.   Creating for all life increase perception and the power that unites with it! 

And so, activating the 5 elements in us is how we get to the state of manifesting a life in High Alchemy.

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Below is a very brief glimpse into what these elements bring.

Much more will be forthcoming on my various platforms, and another Fragrance Alchemy oil was just born, The Power of One, which supports us in becoming our own source of sustenance …our own currency, if you will, as we come home to the self more and more.

The masculine aspect in us creates the ‘home’ to receive the feminine’s pro-active, creative expression. This is when both masculine and feminine operate in indivisible oneness.

There are many ways to characterize and distinguish the 5 elements, but essentially they are perspectives or ‘lenses’ of a unified whole.  The 5 elements, operating as the Power of One (a new FA oil blend created to support the power of the 5 elements), enables us to co-create reality through the mastery of the tools of evolution, which are perspectives.  A perspective is a way of focusing–a lens–that arises from the embodied living of certain principles, insights, and feeling states.

For example, if you wear red colored glasses, you see the world through the color red. Red evokes feeling states, has certain properties, etc, and wearing that lens enables you to study red as an isolated emphasis of the white light from which it emanates. Why would you do that?  Because then when your are in the white light, you will know you can express red, blue, yellow, green, etc, in varying combinations. It is like a chef in the kitchen–you can make all kinds of tasty soups from ingredients that are all ‘matter’.  You study the flavors on their own, learn their qualities, and that enables you to create incredible dishes.

Through evolution, we intended to study the worlds that could emanate from Oneness for this purpose, but we were cut off from Source in the process, and in each ‘world’ we created belief systems as though that was the only reality, which led us further astray.  Without Source as a felt inner Presence, it was easy for false spirit to become the ‘external authority’ and it kept us looking without. Neediness of externals resulted, which caused the loss of the tones of the element of that reality.

To sing the element’s tones is to be full in that reality–meaning to be home and beyond need in that reality. The primary external need in each field was a fundamental flaw of mind, from which many (60  for each element) mutually reinforcing distortions arose.  The element of each reality can thus be regarded as the ‘doorway’ back to Source and simultaneously, the portal through which Source arises.

  • The Earth Element is doorway to Source in the physical field of the Material.
  • The Water Element is the doorway to Source in the soul field of Cause.
  • The Fire Element is the doorway to Source in the spirit field of Intent.
  • The Wind/Metal Element is the doorway to Source in the field of the One (awareness).
  • The Aether/Wood Element is the doorway to Source in the field of Pure Consciousness.

And the alchemical equation of all 5 doorways opened, produces the leveraged outcome, the Power of the One (captured in the new FA Oil, The Power of One (1))

Below is a brief description of the 5 elements (excerpted and expanded from a recent blog post on the Academy of FA), which gives an overview of the elements from the aspect of what is being reclaimed in order to align with what is real.

Becoming A Self-Sovereign Co-creator Through the Power of the 5 Elements

The Earth Element – Power of Unique Perspective within Diversity – Self-Reclamation to be our Unique Self

In Earth we reclaim the tones of the self that became dormant through social conditioning and wanting sameness in order to fit in and make life ‘nicer’.  As we sing a fuller Song from our unique perspective, Earth and her Kingdoms activate in response and begin to support us in all ways. The environment as our expression becomes deeply supportive, and all of life conspires to move us forward along our path of evolution.  Life force flows up through the feet, we become a powerful dissolver of illusion in the gut center, and our Song of Self causes life to be harmonious to our intent. We live from self-determination and become self-authorized. Our Song becomes richly resonant with all that lies on our highest path through life. This brings clarity and clear access to our intuition, which we now can trust because it is unpolluted by the opinions of others.

The Water Element – Power to Lay Claim to our Self-Sovereign Slice of Infinite Existence – Reclaiming our Life as Ours to Shape

When we no longer leak resources to the stories we’ve believed in, and clear the false feminine’s addiction to drama, emotions begin to serve only in response to deep inner stirrings. It is then that we can wield the creative power of pro-active emotional expression (rather than reaction from suppression) which is our creative sexual power. In the Water element we purify our ‘space of life’ so that what we create from this massive power is for eternity.  We manifest in exponential time, as the creative impulses act like pebbles dropped into the pond of our self-sovereign reality, stirring into form all that is part of actualizing what lies along our path of high destiny. We become self-responsible to manifest pristinely, into a reality where we are beyond external needs. In kidney/water power, we can then unfold our higher destiny. We are laying down the bricks of our Holy Temple of life as our unfolding work of art.

The Fire Element – Power of Self-fulfilled Presence – Being Home for the Self – Reclaiming Oneness with Source

In Fire, passion and joy merge and bring oneness to the body, and harmony to the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut. 3-centers alignment, achieved through a higher form of love referred to as Divine Compassion, opens the portal to a transcendent reality–one in which we master the tools of manifestation–this changes the blueprint of embodiment, closing the gaps of illusion. It also causes the entire meridian system to activate to their higher tones, as Heart’s Fire is the spark that ignites life to a higher order.

In Fire, we live from deep Presence in a state of self-fulfillment, being self-referring for approval…As Fire fuels our passion and joy, hope springs eternal, and we begin to love life! With this element activated,  perception and frequency become indivisible as tonal luminosity, which has the power to dissolve illusion. We no longer operate in illusion, and our intent moves life on the Fields of the Earth and Water elements as the perception and frequency component are now one.

The Wind / Metal Element – Ability to Seize the Power of the Moment – Reclaiming Our Intrinsic Value to Unfolding Life

In Metal / Wind element we are able to fulfill the moment, taking up its full alchemical potential to change life and all involved. The deeper and broader is our perspective as we enter into the moment’s alchemy, the greater is our impact. In Wind we replace all external measures of value, with the accomplishment of the moment’s potential, and it happens in full cooperation with life as it shows up–with all players and situations that are before us. So in effect, the question of ‘value’ and ‘worth’ moves from being static through accumulation of wealth, status, accomplishments, to being very fluid and transient….IN THE MOMENT.  Elusive like the wind, and much like the beauty of changing shapes in the clouds, you express value in each moment by your inspired engagement in its potential alchemy. Yet your value is inherent and ever-present–inviolable, indisputable, like the veins of gold that run through the earth.  The incredible beauty of Wind element is that whatever we appreciate we pull into our ‘pond of life’, and that is how we get to choose what we interact with. Through appreciation we populate our reality and choose what we wish to play with. Wind opens us to the unquestioning expression of inspiration as the movement through life.

The Aether / Wood Element – Ability to Vision beyond a Current Paradigm – Becoming an Evolutionary Catalyst that Births a New Tomorrow

This element’s higher power takes us on an upward spiral beyond current paradigms of reality.  Through the power of vision that sees into being–sees from inner sensing of potentials from non-cognitive depth, which is the place of genius–, we become one with the pulse of evolution. In the Aether/Wood at higher expression, we learn to be the intrepid adventurer on an eternal journey at the cutting edge of life, not allowing appearances to dissuade or detract us from full self-belief. We continually live by the pulse of our North Star that calls us to ever greaterness. Limitations and ceilings of what was possible become fluid boundaries that beckon us forward, to reach beyond what we thought we were capable of.

Big Changes in the 3 Fields of Individuated Life ~ Leaving the Mirrors from a Path with Heart

Below is a key understanding that will set the foundation for the eventual much higher power to manifest in perpetual generativity from the 5 elements operating in consolidated purpose….through The Power of One.  Contemplate on what is presented, until it awakens in you the power of the 4th element that leads to transcendence into a reality outside of the matrix.

Field of the Material

When we release the desire for sameness to make life less oppositional in our immediate surrounding, and begin instead to express our unique self in full acknowledgment of the diversity around us, then we move from antagonistic individuation that comes with a life of opposites, to inclusive individuation from a  life of integrated oneness. But this cannot happen on the Field of the Material alone. This Field must be permeated with the frequency component that emanates from our hearts in the Field of Intent.  From this level of harmony, enjoyment of life increases.  We have touched on this before, but it is worth revisiting as these concepts need to be  steeped in in order to be fully grasped and embodied. When we allow ourselves to be wholly moved by the inspired intent of the unattached Heart, then on the Field of the Material, we are in perfect harmony with a higher reality….we are operating from alchemical and no longer linear change.  At the atomic level on this field, the electron-messenger field or substance that permeates all matter is the heart’s emotion.

Field of Cause

When we release mistrust and fear of life that has us guarded and wanting to withdraw from too bold an expression or too big an engagement in life, and begin instead to take up our life as ours to shape as a work of art, we move from doing as little as we can, to doing everything with the excellence of fuller presence, which causes us to recognize and unleash the gifts and capacities that we have. We become increasingly self-reliant, and and confident in self-expression.  It is in self-recognition that we can notice the potentials open to us, and take up the glad task of articulating the ‘self’ into manifestations in our slice of individuated life. In acknowledgment of this path as one of growing courage to become self-sovereign, we feel the personal triumph from our new way of participation, and passion for life grows.  We harmonize from a place of integrated oneness, through this Field being permeated with the electrical component that emanates from our open, fulfilled heart in the Field of Intent.  We allow ourselves to be wholly devoted to the realization of the inspired desires of the unattached Heart–ensuring that our emotions serve only to manifest what is desired, we disengage from all drama and become true cause. At the atomic level on this field, the electron-messenger field or substance that permeates all matter is the heart’s perspectives (electrical component).

Field of Intent

It all happens in the field of Intent–when in this field we come home to the self and embrace that there is only one relationship–that with the Source of our Existence, then all of life flips inside out.  Rather than the heart being jerked around by soul’s and body’s demands for attention through addiction to drama and tension, the Heart now the benevolent boss and central expresser, and life on the other two fields take their directives from the Field of Intent. In separation it has been the other way around, and that has caused the war between Head, Heart, and Gut. As Head, Heart, and Gut harmonize, the higher tones of the meridians now become possible–the meridian system moves to a higher order that is capable of manifesting Infinite Intent. This is not possible until the 3 centers align, and it can only happen when in the Field of Intent.

We begin to truly believe in ourself…we give up the identities and stories of personal injury, and rather than attune to a hostile world of mirrors, we cultivate a deep connection to a life of benevolent unfolding, knowing all is perfection. This is the field of Fire, with the 4 meridians that answer the question of who am I, and what reality am I choosing?  When we live in centered presence, then the answer to those questions takes us on an ever expanding, ever new journey into the self-discovery of the endlessness of our being. The vaster we feel ourself to be, the less captured in the stories on the holographic screen. We essentially heal the addiction to drama and its lower energy source, and rather embrace a reality of deepening self-connection, where the energy source is the dance of the yin-yang aspects of being…where we are the paradox in a love affair with the Self.

When we do patterns of coping, and defense, which are a form of manipulation and neediness with our environment, we are not a uniting presence, and this communicates across our individuated reality–we then manifest illusion.  When the Heart is free of attachment, on the other hand, it is ignited by Presence, and revitalized in contented self-fulfillment.  When passion and joy unite, the spark of Fire is present, and life is held in the warming embrace of unwavering hope.  Desires of the Heart then arise from this place of communion with the One, and we live in the peace of integrated oneness and the new energy source of dance of yin and yang aspects of being.

Mastering these 3 fields is how we begin to experience the power to bring fluidity to form, as we triangulate a ‘space of expression’, or a field of Hope into which higher potentials may emerge.  To explore this further, I invite you to explore some of the products on AiB for 3-Centers Alignment. (On the AiB Shop).  I also teach 3-centers alignment during the year, so email me if you wish to join in (

Further Topics Explored:

In June 2021, I did a series of messages that were part of an alchemical equations with the Bird Clock, prepared over 5 days. This equation had as purpose, to leverage the power to activate the Eternal Mind, in alignment with the solstice and earth event that took place June 20, 2021. This process can be done repeatedly at any time, to deepen activation of the new Minds that create the New Reality, namely

The Magical Mind of Innocence +

The Mind of Visionary Dreaming of Self-Guidance +

The Heart Mind +

The Door of the Divine (cellular mind) =

The Eternal One Mind

When the 4 minds activate, they leverage the power to bring online a deeper dimensional mind of the Eternal, One Mind.

The 5 elements brought online, creates an alchemical equation such that our ‘Song of Self’ is deeply harmonious to Infinite Intent, and gets taken up immediately by the Cosmos.  We operate in our lives as Sacred Government through Self-Government, and master the direction of ‘through’ by being the Bridge that merges inner and outer space.

It is truly a profound competency to master, which will be yours for eternity, and serve you in living a life of magic.  You are invited to explore this further by joining the AiB membership platform. 

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