Saturday March 2nd – Earth Element ~ The Song of Uniqueness Within Diversity

Amethyst Purple ~ (Day 26 on the Cosmic Time Map)

We will move through various aspects of the elements over the next few weeks, and also deepen in the Principles of Wholesomeness, as there have been requests for both. Today we explore the Earth element of the Field of the Material. This is the first field of individuation.

The tones we sing as the song of our individuation…our unique expression, creates an environment of resonance. What is the Song of Uniqueness within Diversity? How can we be inclusive of all in our environment and be in uniqueness simultaneously? By feeling our being within Oneness and seeking for the Infinite in everything….We are one in our divinity, which acts as the roots of individuation–that was the original imprint from Source that was overwritten by the imprint of separation by false spirit.

When you seek the divinity in another and see the divine in the diversity, you are self-ignited to sing more purely of what you are…The game of the One as the Many is to explore outcomes through alchemy…we are an alchemical component by our ability to Sing our uniqueness from oneness…

Feel how much easier it is to be transparent, real, in clear communication, and in self-clarity when you speak inclusively to the divinity in another. You become harmless, and to that extent you will experience life’s cooperation.

Your gentle expression that sees the divine in others is a song that resurrects life…it has the tones missing from another’s expression. because that is what happens when you interact essence to essence….the One Life in you intones to awaken the One in the Many…and you will hear from others what will awaken and resurrect parts of you…The beautiful game of relationship will bring depth and delight.

For today, see the divinity in others as a dedicated practice through the day. Notice what happens…notice the harmlessness in your interactions…

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Sacred Space oil, under the feet.
  • Apply Forever New 2 inches below the navel (I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!)
  • Apply the 5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to.
  • Velvet Nights  is the High Magic oil for Amethyst Purple days. (applied under the navel )  For those with Time Maps, call on your Angel God as you apply the oil.
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality where there is only the self, and brings about the blessings from having the 3 centers aligned.

Rune Support

7-rune Integration for the Earth Element- St-Sp Pair

Enter into a light meditative state and set your intention to activate the Earth Element. Consider the Earth themes:

Unprogrammed authentic expression, Clarity in Thought, Knowingness replaces knowledge, Nourishment, Tasting Life’s sweet support, Song of Self as evolutionary Catalyst, Self-belonging, Unique Perspective, You are an alchemical element in the Alchemy of the One and the Many, Only the Self,  Celebrate Diversity, Value unique perspective, Seeing divinity in others, Innocent embracing of another as a portal into Infinity, Interactions essence to essence, vitalizing nourishing presence through your authentic self, Omni-perspectives, Self-determination, Freedom. 

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