Tuesday February 19th – Play with Emotions Lightly after leaving them behind

Magenta ~ (Day 15 on the Cosmic Time Map)

Moving lightly through life, free from emotions and thinking we know, we are able to experience life at any level without being trapped by it. (1) This enables us to remain centered and home for ourselves, and from that still point we can practice resonant listening. (2)

In resonant listening, we attune to the stirrings of inspiration–the song the Infinite plays on the strings of our inner senses. This ‘song’ that we are invited to hear from depth of stillness, elicits an emotional response from us–from the pure emotions that dissolve the mirrors, and in that, our bodies and our space of expression (environment) are deeply cleansed. This is the transmutational renewal that can happen through the activated Water element.

Consider that when you succumb to emotional reactivity, you are polluting the present with the past and have lost the moment’s opportunity for renewal. Each moment is an invitation to first-hand participation of newly unfolding experience.

When you respond to the invitation, you entrain the emotional body to a higher order of life. In the field of Dreaming, the electrons are magnetic (frequency) and are connected through the heart’s emotions. So in the days of dreaming, being masterful in our emotional responses is very important.

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Use the Sacred Space oil, under the feet.
  • If you have it, apply Forever New 2 inches below the navel (I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!)
  • Apply the 5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to. I have been applying it to my 13 main joints daily.
  • Prince of Egypt  is the High Magic oil for Magenta days. For those with Time Maps, call on your Angel God as you apply the oil.
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality where there is only the self, and brings about the blessings from having the 3 centers aligned.

Rune Mastery

Here is a 7-rune spread to support silencing the mind, in support of D-3 today. 7-rune Spread Still Mind

  • (1) Angel 245 and 238, from The Book of Atlantean Angels, Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com
  • (2) Discussed in prior messages–also comes from the Atlantean angels.

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